Corporate Sustainability Reports

The publishing of Corporate Social and Environmental reports aims to demonstrate ASUS' commitment towards stakeholder communication and data transparency. This report was complied in accordance with the GRI Standard(2021), and was reviewed against AA1000AS and SASB (Sustainable Accounting Standard Board) by SGS to ensure transparency and accuracy of information.

ASUS launched the "2025 Sustainability Goals" for the next five years with 2020 as the baseline year. We integrated our core competencies and used the identification results as the basis to focus our goals on Climate Actions, Circular Economy, Responsible Manufacturing, and Value Creation. The achievements and progress of 2025 Sustainability Goals. as well as the overall ESG issue management actions are disclosed is this year's reports.

You can download the latest Executive Summary, Detailed Report and Annual Report from the following link:


2021 Sustainability Report
Detailed Report
  2021 Sustainability Report
Executive Summary
  2021 Annual Report
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