Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

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In 2022, a total of 66,112 computer and its peripheral equipments were collected.


ASUS has assisted 39 countries to establish digital opportunity centers,benefiting more than 550,000 individuals.

The digital age brought about transformation and progress, but also spawned emerging social issues. According to UNESCO's assessment1 , in adigital era, people need digital Litaracy2 to work, live and communicate productively. Those without the required skills and literacy would be marginalizedfrom both the real and digital world. ASUS endeavors to create infinite possibilities of digital life for the world.ASUS hope to drive digital inclusion initiatives based on technology, and look forward information equity among all, regardless of education, gender, ethnicity, etc. ASUS empowers digitally underprivileged communities through initiatives such as donations of refurbished computers, establishment of digital learning centers, digital training programs, international volunteer program, Digital Happy Learning Camp, “Heartfelt 99” project of Public Television Service to enable information equity among all.

Refurbished Computer and Digital Training Program

Having complete digital equipment is the first step of bridging the digital divide. Through ASUS Foundation’s “Refurbished Computer and Digital Training Program”, ASUS achieved the reverse logistics recycling process by installing reusable components and updating the software of second-hand computers and ultimately giving them a new life. These computers would then be donated to underprivileged communities lacking digital equipment to expand the social impact of reverse logistics recycling of computers. In 2022, a total of 66,112 computer and its peripheral equipments were collected. Consumers or corporate customers are welcome to contact the ASUS Foundation for detailed information.

In addition, in response to the epidemic, ASUS also jointly responded to the plan to suspend classes and continue learning through the digital cultivation plan of regenerated computers.

Digital Learning Centers

The ASUS Foundation has been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Digital Opportunity Center (APEC ADOC) project that helps ADOC member countries and non-profit organizations in countries that have diplomatic relations with Taiwan to establish digital learning centers in where digital resources are lacking, thus promoting digital learning and bridging digital divide. The project not only to improve the quality of life of local residents through digital learning but also help scout the future digital talents. Over the past 14 years, ASUS has assisted 39 countries to establish digital opportunity centers, more than 500 computer classrooms, donated more than 20,000 sets of information equipment such as new computers, refurbished computers and tablets, benefiting more than 550,000 individuals.

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Volunteer Activities

i-Taiwan Digital Volunteer Project

ASUS cooperates with universities and colleges in Taiwan to go deep into rural areas to understand the needs of students and provide diverse information to students.

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ASUS Domestic Volunteers

Established a volunteer club in 2014, calling on ASUS employees to use ASUS resources as the main axis to actively participate in social services and promote environmental education, mainly implemented in technology education promotion, charity sales activities of social welfare groups, and long-term beach cleaning and adoption of coastal areas.

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ASUS Youth International Volunteer

Since 2008, we have recruited youth international volunteer groups from colleges and universities across the country to encourage young students to participate in various international affairs, strengthen youth volunteers' international service knowledge and jointly promote digital learning, shorten the digital gap, and practice the concept of ASUS global citizens.

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Overseas Engagement

ASUS overseas subsidiaries also assistance to residents from different locations, implementing community care and strengthening community connections while the pandemic continued to rage across the world

United States

Launched diversified programs to provide appropriate services and render necessary support to local communities.

  • Donated 162 computers to Tech Exchange, non-profit organization based in Oakland, California in 2021.
  • "Build Together, Give Together" program: since 2017, the program has brought gamers and computer enthusiasts together to support non-profit organizations, MakeA-Wish Foundation, Gamers Outreach and Child’s Play, through fund raising campaigns with self-assembled computers, computer donations, among other efforts. The program also collaborated with professional basketball star, Seth Curry, from Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), putting the computer assembled by him on sale and proceeds going towards BC Children's Hospital Foundation and Seth Curry Foundation. Notably, Make-A-Wish Foundation partnered with various ASUS overseas offices including the United States, France and Singapore, etc.
  • “Pay-As-You-Go" initiative: ASUS partnered with the Endless OS Foundation to develop a computer procurement program derived from a microfinancing model. ASUS supplied computer equipment while the Endless OS Foundation took care of the provisioning of their offline-ready educational software platform. Users need to pay only a basic deposit before walking away with a laptop, and are alerted by the laptop directly for payment reminders. Once ongoing payments are made, users can continue using the laptop. The program hopes to alleviate digital equity social issues and increase laptop affordability through new business models.
* Make-A-Wish Foundation: a non-profit organization founded in the United States in 1980, it is dedicated to granting the wishes of children ages 3 to 18 years old with critical illnesses. At present, it has service chapters in more than 50 countries.


Partnered with local charity event, Friendly Fire 7, for donation drive through game challenges with YouTubers and streamers. The event attracted more then 2 million online views and collected EUR€ 1.8 million. All proceeds were donated to seven local non-profit organizations.


  • Assisted the Bangkok Health Centre in setting up a local vaccination center and donated 25 laptops for vaccination registration by the public, benefiting about 2,500 people.
  • Collaborated with news service company, E-chan, to donate ten ASUS computers to schools in Sukhothai province to enable underprivileged students from the schools to study online.

The Philippines

  • Narrowing the digital gap during the pandemic: ASUS Group joined hands with local organizations Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation (YBHF) and social enterprise BEAGIVER to donate a total of 128 laptops to local residents through the eHub initiative. YBHF stated that the durability and easy to use ASUS computers were the greatest driving force behind the collaboration.
  • Typhoon disaster relief : donated 20,000 Philippine peso with the local distributor, IECC Bacolod, to facilitate the procurement of supplies materials by local social welfare organizations as aid for victims.


  • To bridge the gap in educational resources, ASUS China donated 3 libraries in Xinjiang, Henan, Heilongjiang, on top of donating 9,000 books and 2 computers, and serving more than 70,000 people
  • The "RW King of Glory" club funded by ASUS Republic of Players will launch three charity events in 2022.


Donate a laptop to the Pierre Claver Foundation to donate to Ukrainian women, providing them with remote work, online courses, etc.


In order to encourage customers to complete service satisfaction surveys, the Polish branch cooperated with Foundation Forest Forever and donated funds to Foundation Forest Forever based on the number of satisfaction surveys completed each month for the afforestation program.


ASUS and the Make-A-Wish Foundation collaborated on the "Build Together, Give Together" project, inviting the well-known Turkish youtuber Orkun Işıtmak to cooperate in making e-sports computers for 12 children, and encouraging the public to care for vulnerable families in need through online influence , the videos have more than one million views.


  • In partnership with the local foundation VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), donated 35 units of BR1100 educational laptops to disadvantaged families whose learning has been hindered due to COVID-19.
  • In cooperation with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam, donated 24 laptops to the primary schools adopted by the Vietnam Family Support Foundation, and assisted the local establishment of information classrooms and online teaching resources.

Czech Republic

  • Employees of an ASUS subsidiary in Czech Republic took the initiative to donate the budget for the New Year's Party towards the disaster relief efforts for the tornado disaster in 2021, raising a total of CZK 320,550 (NT$416,616).
  • Provide financial support to the non-profit organization Family in Centre, which provides financial support to single women with dependent children, orphans, gypsy families or refugees from Ukraine.


Donated OLED laptops to the Ukrainian orphans in 2021 along with ROG gaming laptops to the orphan who emerged as champions in the IT information competition. The champion will represent Ukraine to participate in the competition in the European Union.


A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of computers and monitors from online stores were donated to the Life Line Fund, a non-profit organization focusing on children's diseases. ASUS Russia donated a total of 2.5 million Rubles in 2021 to the organization for the care of children with serious illnesses in Russia who need medical attention.

Hong Kong

ASUS partnered with Free Tuturial World founder, Chan Hung for "Give Students a Helping Hand" donation program sees ASUS donate 1% of costadjusted income for the purchase of any of ASUS or ROG laptop, helping elementary and secondaryschool students from low-income families to buy laptops.


Donated 7,867,950 INR to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund for humanitarian relief efforts in India.

* The Prime Minister's National Relief Fund (PMNRF) was established in 1948 by Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, originally to assist displaced persons from Pakistan. PMNRF's resources are now predominantly used to provide for medical assistance, immediate relief to the families of victims of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as victims of major accidents and riots.