Packaging Innovations and Solutions

Packaging Innovations and Solutions

Packaging Innovations and Solutions

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In addition, under the premise of maintaining safe transportation, we reduce the waste of the internal space of the packaging and the packaging volume to decrease the use of materials. We also consider the way of stacking. It not only could improve transportation efficiency, but also could prevent damage caused by transporting products of different sizes.


Reduce Single-Use Materials: Book-Shaped Boxes for Laptops

Laptops packaging contains more than 90% recycled pulp and more than 95% of the materials for the box is paper-based, which reduces single-use plastic.


Circular Use: Giftbox for Monitors and Laptops

ASUS uses a simple design concept to create a professional display hood that can be easily and quickly assembled to recycle packaging materials. The packaging buffers can be used for protecting and elevating the monitor as well as cable organization and other functions in its reuse.


Lightweight Packaging with Increased Transportation Efficiency: Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Projector

The new-generation product packaging reduces the weight by 7.8% compared to the previous generation. It also reduces the volume of packaging by 26.5% and increases transportation efficiency by 53% to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation process.


Zero-Glue with Snap Lock Design

For the Zenfone8, we used soy ink and environmentally friendly materials for the foil printing. The structure is fixed in place by a snap lock to create a zero-glue design. It allows the packaging box to be flattened for retrieval and assembled and increases the efficiency in transportation and stacking by 50%. More than 70% of the packaging is made with recycled paper materials that can be 100% recycled.