Packaging Design

We cannot avoid using packaging materials when shipping or selling the products, and the packaging would also create environmental impacts. Therefore, in addition to meeting customer specification requirements and the relevant regulations, ASUSTeK attempts to reach the green commitment in packaging design by reducing in volume, choosing environmental friendly materials as well as using sustainable materials. Currently, ASUS' environmental friendly packaging materials are clearly labeled with different marks according to different materials.

ASUS upholds the goal of green and sustainable environment through 3R (Reduce/Reuse/Recyclable) concept and packaging design, targeting for the reduction in weight and in material used. ASUSTeK keeps moving forward to improve in packaging design:

Dimension Explanation
To develop a reasonable package size and strength of the packaging
To best use of packaging materials to maximize the reuse
To use recyclable materials if they will not affect the packaging quality
Reduction in the packaging

In 2014, our packaging design department challenged packaging weight reduction again by improving the packaging folding method which received the patents. For the packaging of smart phone, we changed the original grey carton top gift box into sleeve to reduce the weight by 24.66% in comparison to that of the old packaging for same-size model. In 2016, it reached thr reduce rate of 25%.

Old and New Packaging for Smart Phones

We also reduced the packaging of tablets through design optimization without sacrificing protection for safe transportation. In 2016, the new design used 15% more recycled plastics in the PS tray and reduced over 40 to 50% of printed area. As a result, the weight of the new package reduced by 40% in comparison to that of the old packaging for same-size model.

Old and New Packaging for Tablets

In 2017, the packaging for Zenbo was 26.5% lighter when compared to the first sold in the market. In addition, due to the reduction in volume, the volume of transported packaging materials was reduced by 35%.

Old and New Packaging for Zenbo

The Gift box of the notebook was made of recycled paper, and was redesigned to reduce the weight even more. Taking model X530 and model X560 as examples, compared with the old carton, the new carton of X530 is 15.1% lighter in weight and 13.6% smaller in volume, when of X560 is 16.9% lighter in weights and 9% smaller in volume.

Old and New Packaging for Notebook
Environmental Protection: N-Pulp Package

To ensure design for minimizing environmental damage and resource depletion, we used eco-friendly packaging material: n-pulp. The n-pulp is mainly made of straw. After nourishing food, straw is dumped or incinerated. By extracting with new, chemical-free technology, the cellulose contained in straw is processed and then turned into the pulp, mixed with raw or recycled paper pulp, and added to the packaging material.

Following the 3R (reduce/reuse/recycle) design direction, the packaging design team considers increasing the added value of packaging materials by turning them into a tablet holder to achieve the "reuse" aim, so as to bring a new life to packaging materials.

Straws Processing and N-pulp Packaging

By adding the n-pulp into packaging materials through transformation and regeneration, we have reduced resource consumption and realized environmental protection.

Applications of N-pulp Packaging