Energy Efficiency

For many years, energy saving has been an essential appeal of ASUS products. As early as in 2013, ASUS required all notebook computers to comply with the strictest energy efficiency program - the Energy Star Program - in the world. Energy Star has been updated for several instances and increased performance in energy efficiency, and ASUS still exceeds the requirements.

The performance of energy efficiency of ASUS products has resulted from the R&D on energy efficient software and hardware. For hardware, ASUS has an R&D center for power supply to continuously reduce energy loss in the components. For software, ASUS has developed different modes of application in line with user behaviors for performance adjustment of the components, achieving effective allocation of electricity, reducing wasted energy. The overall result showed improvement in energy efficiency, achieving reduction of carbon footprint of products.

ASUS’ new notebooks sold in 2019 were 100 % compliant with Energy Star 7.1 requirements. The average energy consumption performance was 27% better than that set forth by Energy Star, and was 34% better than the 2013 baseline.