Energy Efficiency

Product Energy Efficiency Target

According to the estimation of Energy Technology Perspectives 2017, to achieve the 2°C target, the growth rate of energy consumption must be reduced from an annual increase of 3% to 1.5%. This means that the energy efficiency of products must be greatly improved. The energy efficiency of IT products determines the greenhouse gas emissions of products in their use. To effectively reduce carbon emissions in the use, ASUS has set standards product energy efficiency and maximum energy consumption. After ASUS obtained the world's first carbon footprint certificate in 2009, we have begun energy conservation actions in separate stages, continuously invested R&D resources in green design, and improved the energy efficiency of hardware and software to improve the energy efficiency of the products.

We adopted "increase average product energy efficiency by 50% compared to 2013" as our 2020 Sustainability Goals and we have gradually moved toward our target each year. After reaching our targets, we took more active actions and adopted "Ensure that each year’s key products demonstrate energy-efficiency that’s 30% above the Energy Star standard" as our 2025 Sustainability Goals. It helps make our target more transparent and easier to trace and measure.

Efficient Product Design

The U.S. Energy Star Program is the most rigorous energy efficiency program in the world. As compared to meeting basic regulations, products that meet Energy Star standard offer competitive advantages for high energy efficiency and reduces the cost of energy in each stage of product usage. ASUS has adopted many optimized designs to attain higher targets, such as external power supplies with the highest energy efficiency level on the market, Level VI. We also set the internal specifications of 10% stricter than legal requirements when the product is in the power off status to reduce power consumption.

Superior to the Energy Star Standard

Through the above design optimization, the business and home laptops launched by ASUS in 2021 exceed the Energy Star standard by an average of 37.6%. Products that meet Energy Star standard account for 67.5% of the revenue in 2021. Energy Star selects monitors with the highest efficiency and provides certification. In 2021, 38 ASUS monitor models received “Energy Star Most Efficient 2021”, and , which includes 15 monitors are recognized as "Energy Star Most Efficient 2022”.


For more information on ASUS's actions for carbon reduction and energy conservation in business management and the supply chain and the effectiveness of these actions, please refer to Climate Action.