Water Resource Management

ASUS and our suppliers are not in water intensive industries. However, in view of the global water scarcity, as a brand corporate, we are committed to fulfill corporate social responsibility through formulating water resources policies and setting targets to help mitigate environmental impacts and enhance information transparency. There is no incident of non-compliance with water quality/quantity permits, standards and regulations in 2018.

Water Resource Management Policies

Water resources management is an important part of climate change risk management and adaptation. At the same time, it responds to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ASUS formulates and implement water resources management strategies as below:

  • Improve reuse of water resource and reduce water consumption to mitigate global water consumption
  • Ensure corporate and supply chain use legitimate water sources to prevent jeopardizing local water resources
  • Disclose water resource data of on corporate and supply chain to enhance information transparency

Water Resource Management Target in 2019

  1. Take the data of 2018 as the baseline to reduce the water consumption by 1% in 2019
  2. Require the EMS of ASUS'' top two product lines to set reduction targets and monitor the performance

Water Resource Inventory in 2017

ASUS conducts water resource inventory on suppliers and OEMs according to "Corporate Value Chain (Criterion 3) Accounting and Report Standards", with the inventory parameters were as follows:

Scope of Inventory:

  • Duration of data collection: January to December 2017
  • Data allocation: based the proportion of ASUS products in total shipment


Data Analysis:

In 2017, water resource inventory was done for 160 component suppliers and OEM providers, and the results were showed below:

  • Risk identification: 86% of them performed the risk identification. 96% of them identified no risk when 4% (4) of them did.
  • Equipment invested for water treatment: 26% of them had deployed water treatment equipment.
  • Reduction plan of water resource: 62% had setup reduction plan and target to decrease the use of water.

The analysis result will be the basis for developing the short-term and mid-term management strategies of water resource:

  1. Request the OEM providers and suppliers with the water usage ratio to set water saving plans and targets.
  2. Monitor the risk on delivery for those who had identified water risks.
  3. In line with the environmental profit and loss project, the wastewater pollution survey would be conducted next year.

Milestone and Achievements: