Supplier Conduct Principles

In order to improve the risk management in supply chain , ASUS has formulated ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct in accordance with the RBA Code of Conduct and the Code of Corporate Social Responsibility for public company. At the same time, ASUS requires suppliers to sign and promise to share the corporate social responsibility of the supply chain.

The numbers of suppliers signed and the completion rate are as below:

Since 2014, 100% new suppliers sign ASUS Code of Conduct Compliance Declaration.

Milestone and Achievements:

We have formulated the ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct based on the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct, the major protocol in the international community, and with reference to PAS7000 regarding youth labor protection and SA8000 concerning care for female employees. All of this encourages suppliers to shoulder the corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a comprehensive management framework so we can build a sustainable supply chain together.

ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct

ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct, including five sections of management requirements of RBA Code of Conduct, and SA8000 for female employee protection and PAS7000 for child labor and forced labor requirements.

In addition, ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct is consistent with following regulations:

  1. ILO eight core conventions: 29, 87, 98, 100, 105, 111, 138 and 182
  2. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 32
  3. Relevant local and national Health & Safety and Labour laws effective in the country of manufacture

ASUS Human Rights Statement:

Respect for human rights is an ASUS core value that is reflected in our corporate Code of Conduct policies, which apply to all global operations, including our supply chain. All ASUS employees are respected and treated fairly, and ASUS requires its suppliers to comply with all relevant legal, social and environmental standards.

ASUS Human Rights Statement