Takeback Service


[Australia/New Zealand]

To Residential (B2C) Customers:
ASUS joins Australian "National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme" and provides free recycling to our customers. If you have old ASUS end of life products needed for recycling, you could bring them to the appointed drop off points, and they will be proper treated.
For more information on drop off points, please visit the following website: National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

To Institutional (B2B) Users:
Starting from July 2012, ASUS offers end of life product recycling service in Australia, bringing the Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) into Australia. The service is providing to our B2B/enterprises customers, including private enterprise, government agencies, and corporate bodies, with easy-to-use solutions to recycle ASUS-brand products for free. If you have old ASUS end of life products needed for recycling in Australia or New Zealand, please see below for more information.

Recycling Subject:

  • All end of life products of ASUS brand
  • Batteries of ASUS products
  • Packaging materials coming along with recycled products from customers

Please contact:

ASUS Service Australia Pty. Ltd
TEL: +61 1300-278-788
(Monday to Friday: 9am - 6pm (AEST)
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