Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders'demand is one of the keys to business sustainability and success. ASUS believes that by communicating with stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations and thus response to them, could not only help enterprises to review and plan short, medium and long-term strategies but also create our value to stakeholders and form the new business opportunities for sustainable operations.

In ASUS, Corporate Sustainability Office assesses global sustainable trends and ASUS operating development goals, analizes major aspects in governance, environmental and social dimensions to further integrate departments within the organization, including but not limited to Legal, Finance Department, Customer Service Center, Environment, Health and Safety, Human Resource, and ASUS Foundation. We refer to the principles such as Inclusive, Materiality, and Responsiveness of AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard to establish the engagement process, identify the stakeholders and further communicate with them.

Communication Channels and Frequency

Analysis of Materiality

ASUS collected the stakeholder surveys through a variety of communication channels. We prioritized the topics according to the level of concern from stakeholders, and level of impact to the organization in operation, financial, corporate image and others, as well as risks and opportunities, identified by professional managers, and then determined material aspects.

ASUS analyzed and screened the risks on sustainable development or corporate inuence through the identication process of materiality on a wide range of topics to further allocate the resources and plan the short-, mid- and long-term strategies. At the same time, this process could help us correctly respond to stakeholder concerns and thus focus on the relevant CSR performances.

2017 Materiality

After going through the analysis results of the above procedures and reviewing by the Corporate Sustainability Office and senior managers, the materiality matrix for 2017 was defined, and the topics with both the level of concern and the level of impact as the top 1/3 were listed as Material Topics. We used the result to determine the priority, and set the short-, medium- and long-term goals, including:

  • Product Stewardship
  • Climate Change and Energy Management
  • Product/Service Innovation
  • Supply Chain Labor Rights
  • Supply Chain Energy/ Natural Resource Management

For the completeness and richness of the report, ASUS voluntarily disclosed the management approach and achievements of the following topics:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Legal Compliance
  • Employment and Employee Benefits
  • Personnel Training and Performance Management
  • Pollution Control over Corporate Operation
  • Water Management
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Responsible Mineral Procurement
  • Community Communication, Community Care and Involvement

CSR Online Survey

From 2009, ASUS has established Corporate Social Responsibility Online Survey, looking for more interaction with our stakeholders. We welcomes and invites all our stakeholders to engage with our Corporate Social Responsibility issues more in depth. We appreciate your voice and will base on the priority to response to the inquiries or concerns through our Corporate Sustainability Report.

Please download the survey from the following link: 2017 CSR Stakeholders' Survey and send it to

Your feedback is very valuable to ASUS. Should you have any comment, you could send them in.