ASUS U53SD Bamboo Notebook Receives Carbon Neutrality Certification

ASUS broke new ground today by being the first manufacturer to meet the requirements of the PAS 2060:2010 Standard for Carbon Neutrality with the U53SD Bamboo Notebook. This certification makes the U53SD the first notebook in the world to achieve net zero carbon emissions throughout its product lifecycle.

The company consistently devotes itself to sustainability development and innovation to help reduce its own, as well as its consumers’, environmental impact in the years ahead. In 2009, ASUS developed the first notebook that received the carbon footprint certificate and has since combined the European Commission’s Integrated Product Policy (IPP) with eco-friendly design concepts as it continues its quest to reduce carbon emissions.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality with GreenASUS

ASUS analyzed the carbon footprint patterns caused by human activities, and devised a plan to reduce and offset these emissions to carbon neutrality status without net increase in the global emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) to the atmosphere. To achieve this, ASUS reduced the U53SD’s carbon footprint by up to 10 percent using bamboo instead of plastics for parts of the notebook chassis, as well as developing energy-saving hardware and software.

Frank Lin, chief quality officer, said, “ASUS supports all available strategies to mitigate climate change. Aside from reducing carbon emissions at enterprise level, we also follow the Integrated Product Policy (IPP) to develop energy-saving technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of our products through our Eco design concepts.”

A closer look at the Bamboo Series

ASUS Bamboo Series notebooks feature the use of bamboo on the exterior instead of the usual plastics found in most notebooks. The bamboo has been lightly-treated to retain its look and feel, giving this eco-tech marvel a warm, natural texture.

Inside, the Bamboo Series comes with the Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) technology which significantly lowers energy consumption by up to 20% through a clever combination of hardware and software.

The Bamboo Series also employ the use of 100% natural and recyclable bamboo paper and non-woven cloth in its packaging, further reducing the environmental impact of this range of notebooks.

Green milestones with GreenASUS

GreenASUS is a company-wide environmental initiative that strives to increase environmental awareness across all departments. It consists of Four Green Home Runs – Green Design, Green Procurement, Green Manufacture, and Green Service & Marketing.

This latest commitment to carbon neutrality with the U53SD Bamboo Notebook continues to strengthen ASUS position as a responsible organization that looks to a Greener future as the world economy moves towards low carbon emissions, high energy efficiency and sustainability development.

For further information, please visit the Carbon Neutrality.