Workplace Environment

Workplace Environment

Workplace Environment

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ASUS is committed to take the following approach to fulfill corporate social responsibility and meet the safety and health policies:

Comply with global safety, health and environmental regulations and standards to ensure that labor rights are honored, and to reduce risks

Consider life cycle to create innovative Green products and services with demonstrated competitive advantages

Establish a rigorous supply chain screening system in order to reinforce due diligence in all phases of procurement, while continuing to promote sustainability with supply chain partners Integrate environmental performance standards for organizational activities, products and services, and take action to further reduce environmental impacts

Monitor global climate change information in order to formulate responsive management policies and targets, while also promoting programs that reduce risk s to the environment

Cherish natural resources and reduce resource consumption

Enhance waste and pollutants management to avoid adverse impacts on employees and the environment

Enhance internal management teams and strengthen partnerships for the maintenance and repair of production equipment in order to reduce or eliminate potential occupational hazards

Provide a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, and further develop employee healthcare programs

Establish communication channels that can be easily used by all stakeholders in order to maintain positive interactions and to provide a mechanism for meaningful feedback

Occupational safety and health

ASUS elevated the awareness of worker safety and ensured workplace

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Operations environmental management(Green building)

ASUS adheres to the business philosophy of "striving to be among the world-class

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