Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ASUS Corporate Philosophies

Inspire, motivate and nurture our employees to explore their highest potential
Commit to integrity and diligence; focus on fundamentals and results
Endlessly pursue to be number 1 in the areas of quality, speed, service, innovation and cost-efficiency
Strive to be among the world-class green high-tech leaders and to provide valuable contributions to humanity

ASUSTeK Quality Policy (Hazardous Substance Free Policy)

Continued pursuit of perfect quality and exciting innovation and Lean Six Sigma to strengthen personnel training. Precise and rapid development of green technology foresight immediate delivery products to win customer satisfaction up

ASUSTeK Social and Environmental Responsibility (SERASUS) Policy

Comply with international regulations and standards to meet business goals and mitigate risks
Innovate Green productsto create competitive advantages
Encourage suppliers to support sustainability initiatives to reduce environmental impacts
Cherish natural resources while striving to become a leading Green enterprise
Provide a healthy and safe environment for all employees
Establish communication channels for employee feedback regarding the work environment, welcoming suggestions for potential improvements
Develop a culture of sustainability to help fulfill corporate social responsibility goals