Message from Manager

Message from Chairman

The year 2020 was a year full of turmoil. In addition to threatening lives and livelihoods, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the global economy, presenting unprecedented challenges for companies everywhere. As the world joins hands to fight the pandemic through economic policies and administrative measures, we are finally able to see progress against the pandemic in the vaccine rollout. As we look forward to the post-pandemic era, ASUS is strengthening our operational resilience and leveraging our core capabilities to aid the world in its return to normal.

The pandemic has not only reshaped the life and work patterns of people around the world, it has also accelerated the transformation of companies' digital capabilities. For example, to ensure business continuity, most companies have adopted remote work practices, and business activities and product announcements have also changed to a virtual format. Many believe that in the future, products and services that are user-centric and modeled after the digital economy will flourish, and that the trend toward digitalization in individual lives, enterprises, and in society at large will continue to strengthen. Bolstered by our firm leading position in the motherboard, computer and gaming industries, ASUS will further expand into the commercial market and smart application fields, accelerate digital transformation, develop a dynamic portfolio of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and AIoT solutions, and strive to become the world's most admired innovative leading technology enterprise in the new digital era.

In addition to threats to human life and well-being, the global economic and social problems caused by the pandemic have created challenges for implementing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To return to normal as soon as possible, ASUS has identified SDGs that we can contribute to with our own core competencies and has set 2025 sustainability goals. We have incorporated these goals into the corporate decision-making process to make positive contributions to society and the environment through practical action.

Looking ahead to 2021, ASUS has become an organization capable of continuous self-learning, evolution and innovation. We hold an optimistic view of our operations outlook and plan for robust growth targets ― to strengthen the leading position of our current core businesses and to harness user needs in the new digital era. We will also continue to implement a progressive strategy for developing artificial intelligence and AIoT solutions, which will solidify our position as a leading innovation enterprise. Thus are the aspirations and commitments of the ASUS management team and all ASUS colleagues.

Chairman Jonney Shih

Message from Message from the Chief Executive Officers

Starting in 2020, the pandemic caused unprecedented upheavals in markets and across supply chains, which in turn brought many challenges for ASUS. Although we were temporarily affected by fluctuations in consumer demand and supply chains in early 2020, we rapidly adjusted operational plans and resource allocation to effectively handle these changes. In this challenging environment, we relied on the proactive efforts of management teams and colleagues, as well as close collaboration with industry partners, to accomplish incredible results.

The pandemic has been a crisis, yet it has also provided opportunities for businesses to transform. Over the past year, ASUS implemented the Business Continuity Program to survey our talents, core technologies and required resources; then we launched a series of simulations to help prepare for future crises. We have also taken notice that research indicates that the increase in the frequency and scale of disasters caused by climate change are expected to cause even greater harm than the pandemic has. With this in mind, ASUS has committed to mitigating our environmental impacts by setting the goal of using 100% renewable energy sources by 2035. ASUS will leverage the experience and knowledge obtained in implementing the Business Continuity Plan, as well as our climate-change preparations and risk-management practices, to strengthen our operational resilience, ensuring quick recovery when incidents do occur.

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, telemedicine programs have become an area of focused innovation, to help improve the safety and capabilities of medical workers as they worked during the pandemic. ASUS has cooperated with partners from other industries and hospitals to foster a smart mobile medical program, which assists medical personnel in diagnosing and caring for patients remotely. The program enables medical care to be deployed in remote areas and reduces the risk of infection through physical contact. Building on this experience, ASUS will continue to deliver positive contributions to society by developing innovative technologies and services, leveraging our core competitiveness.

An important aspect of the ASUS business philosophy involves a focus on having a positive impact on society. We are committed to corporate sustainability and environmental protection, and we have championed the strategy of utilizing data and scientific management methodologies to optimize sustainability practices via core competencies as part of a long-term strategy. We are proactively incorporating the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals to demonstrate our leadership in sustainability, as recognized by various industry organizations. For example, in 2020 ASUS was awarded Asia's Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year by the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards. ASUS also received the Best Supply Chain Report award from the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards, plus the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award. ASUS will continue to actively foster strategic collaborations with industry and academic partners to cultivate talent, and we encourage all ASUS colleagues to embrace sustainability to create shared value, together.

Co-CEOs S.Y. Hsu & Samson Hu