Message from Manager

Message from Chairman

To ASUS, 2017 was a turbulent year as we foresaw the toughest situation of the industry since the financial crisis. We were therefore determined to initiate the most dramatic organization changes of downsizing and optimizing the processes, as well as reallocating resources, enabling the organization to quickly respond to market changes and consumer's experiences.

At the same time, with regard to corporate social responsibility, ASUS did not slow down the transition to sustainability due to the operational difficulties, but instead continued to proactively propel various projects with innovative concepts. For a long time, ASUS has been practicing what we advocate and becoming the power to promote a progressing society. Through the practice of environmental friendly and caring our society, ASUS is capable of progressing steadily in the changing market. Independent Survey ranks ASUS the 26th place among the Top Regarded Companies in the Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list. We were the only one Taiwanese corporate being ranked in the top 100 which should mostly be contributed by the persistence in implementing the sustainable strategy.

In order to make the most effective use of resources, we identified the most relevant targets to the core of our operations from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and launched "ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals." This is the first time that ASUS has set the quantified goals of environment and society not related to operations. We expect to have the greatest impact on the stakeholders to substantially echo to the SDGs through the facilitation of our model brand.

Striding on the road of sustainable development is endless. We do not only have to keep innovative thinking when we face the changing market, but also have to know what the stakeholders expect of ASUS in terms of governance, environment, and society. Despite of the challenges and changes in front of us, I believe we can keep dreaming bold and create unlimited possibilities as long as we collaboratively keep evolving and blend the sustainable concepts into ASUS people's DNA.

Jonney Shih

Message from Chief Sustainability Officer

ASUS has been committed to corporate sustainability and environment protection over the years. To us, the achievement of corporate social responsibility should be the combination of "sustainable strategies and competitiveness" where we can have the greatest impact.

Under the traditional linear “manufacture-make-discard” model, it not only generates a lot of waste, but also causes wastes in the use of energy and resources. In order to move toward a circular economy that extends the product life cycle from “Cradle to Grave" to "Cradle to Cradle”, we started from the green design, including the control and management of chemical substances and the reduction of toxic substances, design for easy disassembly and easy recycling, and the comprehensive development and management of recycling process when the product enters the later stage of its life cycle, to extend the product life and maximize the value of resource reuse.

After being certified with Zero Waste to Landfill of UL ECVP 2799 in 2016, ASUS further expanded the influence on the society and industry value chain to enhance the concept and capability of sustainable operation of our partners in the "Digital Inclusion Project". By doing so, we allowed the focus of this project to be expanded from the previous nature of public welfare to the effect of environment protection. In 2017, we achieved the goal of 100% adaption of the recycled and refurbished parts for the whole refurbished computer, and this achievement let ASUS obtain the world's first certificate of Circularity Facts Program Validation.

Apart from the factors that we have traditionally considered for procurement such as the quality of purchased parts and the yield rate of manufacturing process, ASUS also pays attention to the suppliers' performance in environmental protection. To that end, we extend the spirit of Social Return on Investment project of 2016 through initiated the Environmental Profit and Loss Account (EP&L) program to evaluate the environmental impact of a product during its life cycle starting from raw material mining. The result was presented and managed by the method of monetary valuation and would become the reference for sustainable procurement. ASUS became the first in the technology industry in Asia to publish the Environmental Profit and Loss report.
ASUS has been focusing on fundamentals and results and committed to its corporate social responsibility. We shall be continuing to have "sustainability" as the basis for corporate competitiveness and differentiation, and have ourselves be a member among the world class green high-tech leaders.

Chief Sustainability Officer
Sandy Wei