Product Recycling Service

Old electronic equipment contains hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when disposed in a landfill with trash. By recycling, the metals, plastics, and components found in an old computer will be broken down and reused to make new products. And, the environment is protected from any uncontrolled release of harmful chemicals. With recycling and resource circulation, an unusable product is given new value and new life to create opportunities for next economic development.

In supporting the concept of producer responsibility, we work with recyclers who could meet local environmental regulations and qualified by governments in ASUS primary markets, including Europe, North America, China, and India. In addition to the recycling service required by local governments, we set up voluntary takeback program with recyclers possess the capability to comply with high international electronics recycling standards, such as Responsible Recycling (R2) or e-Stewards Standards, to provide convenient and free recycling service so that consumers could recycle the devices more easily. Consumers can drop off the waste electronic products to designated spots for recycling, or contact customer service for retrieval.

In Taiwan where the headquarter locates, we continue the "Refurbished Computer and Digital Training Program" program. This year, in addition to cooperating with various government agencies to recover waste electronic products, we also provides recycling service at the ASUS Royal Service Center and 68 Shunfa 3C stores to increase the penetration rate of recycling service. The recycled products will be refurbished and then donated to domestic non-profit organizations for promotion of digital learning, or it will be properly recycled.

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To electronics recycling vendors: please contact ASUS for information regarding proper disassembly and handling of ASUS products.

The Electronic Products Recycling Rate

Currently, ASUS recycling service covered about 70 % of its global business, with qualified local recyclers to help recycle e-waste. In 2017, the electronic products recycling rate was 14.65% of the product weights sold worldwide of the year.
ASUS announced an ambitious new target of recycling 15 % of its global electronic waste (e-waste) by the year 2020 and aims to raise the ratio to 20% by 2025.

2017 Recycling Events

The World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 and every year addresses a different environmental issue. This year, ASUS joins the festivities by hosting a series of recycling events around the world, including the Netherlands, the United States, Taiwan and India, to raise awareness around environmental protection. The target is to collect over 100 tons of e-waste by the end of July. Please visit the link for more information about this event.

ASUS Recycling Audits

In addition to the partnership with qualified recyclers to ensure that electronic wastes are adequately handled, we have applied more stringent requirements from the United States EPA Plug-In to eCycling Guidelines and European WEEELABEX in the annual first to third tier recycler audits, tracking the flow of waste to ensure our partners comply with ASUS' electronic waste recycling management guidelines. ASUS recycling audit guidelines cover 7 dimensions:

In 2017, ASUS completed annual audits of 21 recyclers in Taiwan, the United States and Europe. We demanded the recyclers with findings to correct the findings within the allowed period; or the partnership would be terminated. There was 1 recycler from each area failed to correct all findings of 2016 audit, thus ASUS executed the replacement of the recycler in 2017. Our current partners can meet ASUS recycler requirements.

For individual audit report, please see the list below: