Accountable Social Investment Strategy

According to a CECP study, foresight companies gradually combine social investment with business operations, assets, and corporate functions, and deeply integrate them into social responsibility plans. We also notice that consumers show higher brand loyalty to the companies with CSR practices. Therefore, we adopt strategic social responsibility. When planning social activities, we think about how to execute long-term social activity strategies in addition to shortterm and one-time public welfare activities such as charitable donations, and solve the social problems through the combination of social investment and ASUS core competitiveness as an IT company. It will not only shape the corporate image but also create differentiation.

ASUS creates positive impact on community through its three mainstay focuses of environmental protection, digital inclusion, and community involvement. At the same time, we agree with management guru Peter Drucker's truism of "You cannot manage what you cannot measure." Therefore, we established indicators in social activities to analyze whether each social activity achieved the expected goal, aroused what kind of ripples in society, and how to create greater social value. To this end, in 2019, ASUS extended the social management spirit of Social Return on Investment (SROI), adopting the LBG framework to converge and survey the expenditures of social activities to further establish an assessment framework based on the quantitative indicators used to evaluate benefits. This framework was developed by London Benchmarking Group which can help ASUS and our partners to understand clearly why and how the resources and operating methods of community investment to be adjust in a systematic way, making social activities in line with corporate strategies and at the same time be more transparent.

We expect that our social activities in the future will be based on the LBG structure. When we need monetization evidence to evaluate an important decision-making or to analyze a specific plan in depth, the SROI method will be applied to quantify the social impact.