Human Resource Structure and Recruitment

Structure of Manpower

ASUS has established operating bases in more than 70 countries around the world, including Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Americas and Africa. The number of global employees is about 15,400, including about 7,400 in Taiwan where the head office is located and about 8,000 in the overseas regions. The percentage of ASUS' global female employees is 38.7%, and the percentage of ASUS's global female managers is 26.4%. This can mainly be attributed to the characteristics of the IT industry, but there is no employment discrimination or any unfair treatment due to gender.

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Hiring FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Total Number of New Employee Hires 2,616 2,556 2,456 2,968
Percentage of Internal Hires 33% 34.5% 31% 28%

Breakdown of FY2021 Data:

Age Group Percentage of New Employee Hires Percentage of Internal Hires
<30 58.5% 27.0%
30-50 40.4% 69.9%
>50 1.1% 3.0%
Total 100% 0.1%


Gender Percentage of New Employee Hires Percentage of Internal Hires
Female 40.8% 43.0%
Male 59.2% 57.0%
Total 100% 100%


Management Level Percentage of New Employee Hires Percentage of Internal Hires
First-level 59.1% 62.6%
Mid-level 32.0% 34.3%
Senior-level 8.9% 3.0%
Total 100% 100%


Employee Turnover Rate FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021
Total Employee Turnover Rate 22.7% 20.6% 12.24% 16.04%
Voluntary Employee Turnover Rate 19.2% 16.8% 8.94 13.74%

Breakdown of FY2021 Data:

Age Group Turnover Rate
<30 47.3%
30-50 51.0%
>50 1.7%
Total 100%


Gender Turnover Rate
Female 39.7%
Male 60.3%
Total 100%


Management Level Turnover Rate
First-level 47.3%
Mid-level 51.0%
Senior-level 1.7%
Total 100%

Recruitment and Development

ASUS recruitment follows the principles of public recruitment, fair selection, and hiring the best from all over the world. Information on vacancies, conditions for employment, and related procedures are also transparent. All applicants must take required examinations and interviews, and the selection is made based on their performance therein. Qualified candidates who come from various fields of specializations and satisfy the conditions, requirements, and expectations will be chosen.

There is a huge demand for future talents of technology. In the case of global competition for talents, ASUS cultivates talents in the new era through industry-academia cooperation and through the implementation of practical technology in the industry. We cultivate the fields of AI artificial intelligence and AIoT as well as managing ASUS as an international employer brand.


Industry-Academia Cooperation and Collaborative Training Programs

With the expansion of the existing product lines and business maps, ASUS firmly believes that it is necessary to cultivate new generations of high-level talents and enhance the R&D capacity of key technologies. We form alliances with external strategic partners, and we combine industry dynamics and international trends to connect resources in various fields for the purpose of Taiwan's technological development to build a more innovative and sound model.

ASUS-NTU Joint R&D Center: Cultivating R&D Talents in the New Era

In December 2021, we established a joint R&D center with National Taiwan University. We did not only introduce the forward-looking technology industry-academia cooperation plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, but also focus on various fields, including advanced electromagnetics, next-generation quantum computers, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc. In this way, industry-academia resources are linked together to provide corporate internship opportunities and enhance the development of Taiwan's technology industry.

Cooperation with National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University "Huayang Project": Establishment of the Smart Healthcare Industry-Academia Cooperation Platform

The development of medical artificial intelligence is changing rapidly, and ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services Center (AICS) and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University jointly established the "Huayang Project" for industry-academia cooperation. Through the program, AICS' leading professionals with profound background in industry-academia offered master classes at Natoinal Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, including "AI for Medical Intern" and "PhD Student Program" to cultivate cross-disciplinary expertise from the three stages of core foundation, advanced, and application. AICS will also offer the core positions, such as the big data engineer, product manager, business development manager and others, in the smart healthcare, so that the Huayang Project could train students who might continue their career development in the AI fields.

On-job Trainings to Cultivate AI Talents

Deeply Cultivating AI Talents in Smart Healthcare

ASUS joined with National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University and Guandu Hospital to build Taiwan's first medical information system completely built on the cloud. Combined with the needs of preventive health care, clinical medical care, and long-term care, etc., to create crossregion and personalized health care services with the goal of completing hospital-wide system renewal in 2024. ASUS has assembled the company's top AI R&D talentsin the fields of speech recognition, NLU natural language understanding, deep learning and big data analysis. We continuously help hospitals in activating real data, starting precision medicine, raising public awareness of disease prevention and health management, reducing the consumption of medical resources, and reducing the burden on healthcare professionals to provide patients with adequate care.

MEET UP R & D Talent Exchange Meetings

ASUS regularly holds AI R&D talents exchange meetings, inviting external AI talents to interact with ASUS engineers and share practical experience in applications of AI artificial intelligence. In the 2021 exchange meetings, the most popular application in AI - Natural Language Processing (NLP) - was introduced, as well as challenges and insights when it was actually applied to the medical field. We will hold occasional and ongoing sharing of different AI topics, which is suitable for beginners or colleagues who are interested in self-learning AI research and development.

Employer Brand Management

Employer brand refers to the internal culture created by an enterprise based on its branding strategy, and how employees deliver the brand valueto both inside and outside the company. As a global technology leader, ASUS is committed to delivering heartful experiences and creating a blueprint for a better digital life.

Since 2006, the "Cheers" magazine has published the "Most Attractive Employer" list to allow enterprises understand the thinking logic of the young generation when they apply for a job. Meanwhile, it also allows college and university students who have just graduated to grasp the market dynamics, and these are the focus of attention of Taiwanese enterprises and the new generation talents. In 2021, ASUS has been listed among the top 20 for 15 consecutive years.

Campus Recruitment

  • ASUS Campus CEO
    In 2005, we began to invest in the” Campus Executive Offer” (ASUS Campus CEO) internship program. We’ve also won the Taipei City Government's Award of Excellence for five consecutive years, from 2017 onwards. ASUS has worked with the Taipei City Employment Service Office to ensure that ever more students are able to improve their career experiences and strengthen their skills, through a diverse mix of training and practical work.
  • Career Seminars, Consultations and Corporate Mentors
    In 2021, there were 10 online lectures at Taiwan University, Chengchi University, Tsing Hua University, Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and Cheng Kung University. Meanwhile, ASUS served as exclusive corporate mentors at Tsinghua University and Chengchi University, leading students to understand the workplace in depth on a halfyear basis. For experienced job seekers, ASUS also worked with recruitment websites. The online resume and career consulting role with a term of half-year was played by the ASUS recruitment team to provide professional solutions towards workplace-related questions.

Global Professional Manager Talent - GTP Program

Since 2014, ASUS has recruited international talents with passions in technology and a spirit of innovation through "Global Talent Program". We train global professional managers through on-the-job training for four to eight months. By 2021, there were more than 100 talented people deployed to the Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas and other regions to lead local branches engaging in promotional works, such assales and market development, or serving as customer service managers in international customer service centers, helping global customer service centers to develop technical support and service standards.

Social Network Management

  • Winner of the LinkedIn: "Most Engaging Employer Brand" for five consecutive years (2017- 2021)
    In addition to recruit talents from headhunters and on-campus recruitment of colleagues and universities, we also cooperate with LinkedIn to continue establishing the employers brand to improve recruitment accuracy. ASUS LinkedIn had a total of more than 510,000 followers worldwide and thus became the most popularTaiwan brand with the most followers. In 2021, we became “the Best Employer Brand on LinkedIn” (companies with more than 1,000 employees) of the 2021 Talent Awards.

[T Ambassador Program to Cultivate Digital Transformation Talents in Sustainability]

The T Ambassador Program, hosted by the Small and Medium Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, help student talents to connect with the future job market and digital trends through business practice and professional leadership. After 26 weeks of training courses, students who are about to enter the workplace has accumulated hands-on experience of digital transformation in advance.

A total of 20 T ambassadors were recruited by the ASUS sustainability team in 2021. Together with the digital transformation project, the students were divided into three groups, namely "Sustainable Supply Chain Group", "Green Product Group" and "Digital Marketing Group" for project discussions and presentations. We also, we arranged lectures such as ASUS sustainability projects Design Thinking and other exciting courses, and invited industry practitioners to share their experiences in the field of sustainability. While helping our businesses in digitalization, we also helped students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the future employment environment. The benefits and effectiveness of the 2021 T Ambassador Program at ASUS were evident as some of the students had already entered the wor kplace in the area of corporate sustainability.