TCO Certification

TCO certification system is an international mark that makes it easy to choose IT and office equipment designed for the benefit of both the user and the environment. Product categories of TCO certification include Displays, Desktops, Notebooks, Tablet, All-In-One PCs, Projectors and Headsets.

All certified product models are tested and verified by an independent laboratory to meet all requirements which contain two main headings "Usability" and "Environment".

"Usability" covers important quality aspects of the products such as:

  • Ergonomics
  • Emission
  • Electrical safety

while "Environment" covers all major environmental aspects such as:

  • Energy consumption
  • Content of hazardous materials
  • Design for Recycling
  • Product lifetime, product take-back
  • Packaging
  • Environmental management system
  • Corporate social responsibility

Several ASUS Notebooks and Displays are TCO qualified products. Please refer to the official website for further information:

TCO Certified Products:

TCO Certified Displays
VS22* series
VW22A series
SP1920 series
VB19* series
VE198 series
VE248 series
V*228 series
VE20* series
VS247 series
PB287 series
VW24A series
VN289 series
VS197 series
VX248 series
VS229 series
PB298 series
VS239 series
VN279 series
PA249 series
PA279 series
VN248 series
VS24A series
V*207 series
P*248 series
VN247 series
PB27* series
VB178 series
P*238 series
BE229 series
C*22A series
PA328 series
VX278 series
BE239 series
BE249 series
VP278 series
VP279 series
C*20A series
BE209 series
C*23A series
C*24A series
C*24B series
BE24A series
VP22* series
VZ229 series
C*24C series
BE24C series
VZ249 series
VP247 series
MG27U series
MG24U series
MG28U series
PA329 series
PB277 series
C*24B series
VC209* series
VP247 series
VP239** series
PB328 series
VW199 series
PB258** series

Last Updated: 2018/7/27