Environmental Protection

In the Circular Economy, we mentioned many of ASUS's ideas and actions in green manufacturing and products. We have also launched campaigns such as "recycled computers," "plastics reduction in companies," and "beach cleaning and conservation" to echo our green transformation and extend our influence to social welfare.

Zero Plastic Waste Initiative

With the increasing awareness of reduction in plastic waste, ASUS spares no effort in mitigating the widespread plastic crisis. In order to reduce plastic waste and change the habits of using disposable plastics, we have banned all disposable tableware in all cafeterias, convenience stores, and coffee shops within ASUS building since 2019.

In 2021, the plastic reduction program was suspended due to the pandemic outbreak.

Marine Conservation

ASUS responded to the "Adopt-a-Beach" program initiated by the Environmental Protection Administration and adopted the 500-meter coastline of the Wazihwei Nature Reserve in New Taipei City, where is close to the mangrove forest reserve and also has a precious wetland, diverse species of ecology, and is an important habitat for many migratory birds and aquatic animals and plants. Avoiding the period of migratory birds from April to July, we invited our colleagues, their families and friends to participate in our beach cleaning activities in spring and autumn.

Computer Recycling

In supporting the concept of extended producer responsibility, ASUS provides recycling services worldwide to reduce the impact of electronic products on the environment. Based in Taiwan, ASUS is doing more than just complying with government regulation. We have long promoted the "Refurbished Computer and Digital Training Program", which recycles computers of any brand and refurbishes them to give them new lives, thus establishing a circular society. Consumers or corporate customers are welcome to contact the ASUS Foundation for details regarding the recycling of your unwanted computers.