Social Investment Strategy

Digital inclusion, community involvement and environmental protection, are the three main focuses of ASUS for community engagement. Since 2019, ASUS extended the social management spirit of Social Return on Investment (SROI) and adopted the LBG framework to converge and survey the expenditures of social activities to further establish an assessment framework based on the quantitative indicators used to evaluate benefits. The LBG framework was a tool developed by London Benchmarking Group which enables ASUS to adopt a systematic evaluation methdology through the LBG Model such that the benefits of community engagement activities can be more transparent and be ingrained into the corporate strategy. ASUS promise to engage in future social activities that are based on the LBG structure and will apply the SROI method to quantify the social impact if specific initiatives require monetization evidence to determine important decisionmaking. In 2021, owing to the pandemic outbreak, resources were channeled towards healthcare services. Hence, the reduction in physical activities and environmental protection volunteering activities.

Conferred Social E ducation Contribution Award by the Ministry of Education for Its Dedication in Digital Inclusion

In 2021, ASUS was recognized by the Ministry of Education with the Social Education Contribution Award for the digital inclusion initiative. The mission of the foundation had always been shrinking the digital gap and exploring the vitality of culture. In particular, the digital inclusion initiative aims to improve the lives of underprivileged communities through setting up basic hardware equipment, instilling digital learning capabilities, and moral education and cultural preservation.

To date, more than 500 digital opportunity centers and computer classrooms have been established in more than 39 countries including Taiwan, and more than 20,000 new and refurbished computers have been donated. ASUS volunteers were also activated to assist social welfare partners in the promotion of digital learning and boost digital capabilities in rural areas, benefiting more than 550,000 people. Over and above, in 2021, based on the idea of " Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning ", digital equipment were donated to underprivileged schoolchildren. The resources collated online enabled these underprivileged schoolchildren to continue learning during the the pandemic outbreak.