Accountable Social Investment Strategy

According to the CECP study, CSR alignment with the business is more strongly integrated with operations, assets, process, and functions in the firm. ASUS has also noticed that consumers show brand loyalty and satisfaction to the companies with CSR practices. So, in addition to charitable donations, we aim to connect our business core to leverage influence efforts to greater economic and social opportunity.

ASUS believes that efficient and measurable information is the cornerstone of sustainable management. It could help to clearly present the external benefit and impact. In order to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the inputs on community, we adopted the London Benchmarking Group (LBG) framework, to establish indicators on community investment.

Establishing the LBG framework could help ASUS and our strategic partners understand why, how and when to adjust the input resource, progress and type of activities.

Through the consistent framework, ASUS could take a systematic approach to make our social activities in line with our corporate strategies and make them more transparent. Regarding to the projects or programs that need qualified and/or monetized information in the decision-making progress, we also adopt the Social Returned on Investment (SROI) method to assess the influence.

ASUS creates positive impact on community through its three mainstay focuses of digital inclusion, environmental protection and community involvement. In terms of the management approach under LBG framework, we have established the information for social investment, including motivation, contribution and influence.