Clean Technology Development

Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities, such as the use of fossil fuel, industrial emission and vehicle exhaust, have led to the deterioration of air quality. Among the air pollution factors, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) has received the most attention. Since harmful substances are easily attached to PM2.5, and the small in size makes them possible to penetrate the alveolar and enter the blood system, the inhalation may lead to allergies, asthma, cancer, and blood diseases, therefore harm to the health.

For immediate monitoring of air pollution and for people to adopt adequate protection measures, ASUS Cloud worked with the government, Academia Sinica, and the semiconductor industry to launch the first intelligent urban air pollution monitoring project in Taiwan: Air Box.
ASUS developed the Air Box with different industries. The Air Box was capable of detecting temperature, humidity, and the level of PM2.5. This information was uploaded to the cloud platform of ASUS Cloud, allowing citizens to view the latest environment data through the internet or APP after the information was processed by the specially developed big data analysis. Also, with the consent of citizens, the API of the platform was open to the public, thus data collected by the Air Box could go through further value-added applications and analysis to develop the 3 core values, “citizen participation,” “building a digital city,” and “open innovation,” of developing an intelligent city, truly implementing intelligent and healthy, big data application, and promoting the quality of urban life.

Over the years, ASUS has been promoted the digital education cloud, medical cloud and other cloud technologies with digital technology, and to establish the smart city which could enhance the quality of life of citizens through external collaboration.