Global Wellness Council Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace

The Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace is an initiative by the Global Wellness Council to help democratize work spaces for both smokers and non-smokers. It works at a corporate level to promote 100% smoke-free environment and create a physical barrier against first-hand and second-hand smoking.

The Global Wellness Council’s Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace adopts a stringent framework aligned to that of the World Health Organization, and industry best-practices designed for ease of adoption and long-term compliance. As the first of 3 standards issued by Global Wellness Council, it seeks to assure the authenticity of the company's commitment to creating a Smoke-Free environment and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for employees.

Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace Standards was developed with the input of respected leaders from leading academic institutions and international corporations. The Smoke-Free Certified™ Workplace Standard ensures that workplaces have a GENUINE and SYSTEMATIC approach to create and maintain a 100% Smoke-Free environment indoors.