Customer Satisfaction and Service

ASUS values user’s experiences and customer’s satisfaction and our final goal is to enhance the users' satisfaction to our service. The design of the satisfaction questionnaire survey focused on knowing customer's experience in each service process. We use different forms of satisfaction surveys and user feedback channels to collect and analyze the satisfaction of various supports, such as service centers, telephone customer service, on-line instant messaging customer service, technical support by emails, and technical support website, in major markets, including Asia Pacific, the United States, and Europe. Customer satisfaction surveys are carried out in accordance with our internal process of "Customer Service After-Sales Support Customer Satisfaction Management." I

Customer Satisfaction Survey on After-Sale

Customers that use our service will receive our satisfaction survey according to the type of service received:

  • Online survey: via CQ code
  • e-Survey: sent via email
  • Live Chat survey: customer using Live Chat will be ask after the end of the service
  • nteractive Voice Response: customer using call center service will receive interactive system after the phone call

In 2015, ASUS customer service center in Headquarters launched the perfection program to facilitate continuous improvement of key processes through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach. In 2016 the Customer Service Center Management KPI were set; in 2017 the KPI standardization management mechanism was established; in 2018 the management tools were systemized. By improving the key processes, we believe that the service centers around the world could complete the maintenance process within the planned period to ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to create a better service experience, we track and analyze the results of weekly questionnaires to optimize the service quality or maintenance process, and set the global annual target of reducing dissatisfaction to below 10%.
In 2019, over the total of 52 weeks, the dissatisfaction in each region ranged from 0.29% to 9.14%.

Customer Privacy

To ensure the preservation of critical customer data when products are sent in for repairs, ASUS will goes through the following procedure before accepting the product for actual repairs:

  • Remind the customer to backup data
  • Explain the risk and likelihood of data loss
  • Inform the customer to go over a disclaimer, which lists all attentions and terms of service, as well as ASUS privacy policy
  • Ask the customer to sign the RMA form, indicating he or she agrees with all the contents in the disclaimer

In addition, we also add the terms of service and privacy policy for email service and Live Chat. When the customer sends the product to the Royal Club for repair, if the defective storage device is replaced, we will perform the function testing on it according to the standard procedure. If the device is workable, the data will be erased; if it is impossible to be used, it will be reported as waste and the physical destruction will be performed.

In 2019, ASUS did not have any legal cases related to the Personal Information Protection Act.

Technical Support

ASUS provides services such as product information and technical support. Customers can receive the assistance through different channels, such as physical service locations, 0800 customer hotline(0800-093456), online chat, email, and ASUS Technical Support Site.

Customer can visit ASUS Support Site ( which provides the download of the latest drivers or firmware, product registration, warranty check, warranty extension, product repair status check, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Online customer service mailbox is also available for technical advice and complaints, as well as receiving product specifications and sales point consultations of the products interested for purchase.

At the end of 2017, ASUS provided "Live Chat", a 7-24 service that can serve them anytime in their countries, in 31 countries around the world, and introduced the ICR (Interactive Chat Respond) menu function, which allows customers to access online resources through the quick menu. If customers could not find the answers, they will be directed to Live Chat. The mobile device application "MyASUS" App is also imported into ICR to provide online inquiries, technical documents and instruction videos.

With the rapid development of online shopping and social media information sharing, and thus driving consumer shopping habits, ASUS has created online O2O (Online To Offline) online and offline brand-wide consumer experience and promoting new retail reform projects.

In Q4 of 2018, ASUS completed the transformation of Guanghua and Banqiao Royal Club. Through creating a comfortable environment that allows customers to receive the professional services and at the same time experiencing the latest products in the direct physical service center, we attempt to transform the service center into the showroom and expect such value-added services to be closer to the needs and expectations of consumers.