Human Resource Structure and Recruitment

Human Resource Structure

By the end of 2019, there were more than 50 operation offices located in Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and Africa. ASUS in total had around 14,100employees worldwide, with 6,300 employees in the headquarters in Taiwan, and the rest of them in China and overseas.

The proportion of ASUS's global female employees is 37.9%, and the proportion of global female managers is 27.1%. This can mainly be attributed to the characteristics of the IT industry, in which most employees are males; however, there is no discrimination or unfair treatment due to gender. Furthermore, to implement the ASUS human rights policy, human rights-related education and training is conducted for employees around the world.

The return to work rate for females after parental leave in Taiwan and in China was 80% and 80%, accordingly; the retention rate for females after returning to work for 12 months in Taiwan and in China was 91% and 89%, respectfully. Both the return to work rate and the retention rate increased from 2018. It shows that ASUS would not force females to leave due to pregnancy or parenting and that it is committed to providing a gender equality environment.

ASUS does not discriminate against people based on race, sex, age, political affiliation, religion, or disability status. We follow the local minimum age requirements, local regulations, RBA Code of Conduct, and other relevant provisions, as well as announcing our Declaration on Human Rights policy in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


ASUS recruitment follows the principles of public recruitment, fair selection, and hiring the best from all over the world. Information on vacancies, conditions for employment, and related procedures are also transparent. All applicants must take required examinations and interviews, and the selection is made based on their performance therein. Qualified candidates who come from various fields of specializations and satisfy the conditions, requirements, and expectations will be chosen.


Hiring FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
Total Number of New Employee Hires 2,616 2,556 2,456
Percentage of Internal Hires 33% 34.5% 31%


Employee Turnover Rate FY 2018 FY 2019 FY 2020
Total Employee Turnover Rate 22.7% 20.6% 12.24%
Voluntary Employee Turnover Rate 19.2% 16.8% 8.94

AIOT Talent recruitment plan

In response to the Company's transformation in 2019, we are actively recruiting talents in the AIoT field. ASUS first launched the “Ph.D. Recruitment Plan” in the industry. During the recruitment period, it held five consecutive sessions of the “ASUS Artificial Intelligence Forum and Ph.D. Recruitment Plan Briefing” at National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Cheng Kung University, National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University. In each session, we invited speakers from the fields of artificial intelligence, which included experts in the fields of speech, vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the academic and research fields to speak to participants on the development and forward-looking trends in the field of artificial intelligence. Students who sign up for the Ph.D. recruitment plan can become ASUS employees after the research topic and the thesis proposals also have been reviewed and approved by the ASUS selection committee. During the employment period, they may conduct their doctoral dissertation research full-time, and at the same time are exposed to ASUS artificial intelligence product development to achieve the goal of industry-university exchanges. In addition, we continue to provide top-notch internship platforms especially for innovative and ambitious college students. We provide internships covering areas including AI, Cloud R&D, product marketing, industrial and commercial design, and other fields. Every intern has the opportunity to be assigned to a project related to their field of study to communicate and receive guidance from their seniors. This provides them with an opportunity to experience the workplace and have further opportunities for interaction, communication, and learning with the ASUS team. Students who perform well during the internship will have an opportunity to be hired as full-time employees of ASUS after graduation.

Academic-Industry Cooperation Training Plans

ASUS spares no effort to cultivate science and technology talents. According to the annual main development of technology, ASUS held the “Taiwan Tech Enterprise Academy” jointly with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. This year was its fourth year. In the fields of AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and Robots, a total of 27 students were admitted this year after a strict preliminary written review and interview.

The Enterprise Academy carefully planned a series of courses. Each R&D manager goes to campus after work, interacts closely with participants, integrates theory with practice, and designs practical implementation, group discussions, and special reports in the course, we let students experience the thinking way and viewpoints of enterprises in problem-solving, analysis and application . In addition to professional courses, we also tailor-make self-career-exploration courses for students to understand their personal strengths and possible development, and provide advice on the career development for students.

After an entire semester course, we have also arranged corporate visitation and project reports at the end of the semester to allow students to simulate the real technical project reports in the Company. The supervisors give feedback on all questions raised in the technical presentation as well. Some creativity and ideas presented by the students have surprised and inspired the supervisors.

In the future, we will also actively engage ourselves in academic-industry cooperation and academic exchanges with other colleges and universities. We hope that by assisting in the deepening and development of talents in schools and integrating theory with practice, we will be able to recruit and cultivate more outstanding talents to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Stabilizing the Best Employers Branding

Besides recruiting companies and on-campus recruiting in colleges and universities, we also cooperates with LinkedIn to stabilize the employers branding to improve recruitment accuracy. In 2019, we successfully recruited suitable talents for 60 branches worldwide and the number of followers were increased by more than 76,000 on LinkedIn. We have extended the brand power to talent recruitment and ASUS has become the most popular Taiwanese product with most fans.

In addition, ASUS won the LinkedIn “Most Engaging Employer Brand” for three consecutive years (2017-2019), and also won the “Top Talent Team”.

In 2005, we began to invest in the internship program “Campus Executive Officer” (ASUS Campus CEO). Over the years, it has trained more than 1,000 outstanding students and won the Taipei City Government’s “Award of Excellence” for 3 consecutive years.

The magazine “Cheers” has published the “Most Attractive Employer” survey since 2006, allowing companies to understand the logic behind young generations’ accurate job hunting while enabling fresh graduates to grasp the market trends, which is a focus for Taiwanese enterprises and the new generation of talents. ASUS has been listed among the top 20 in the survey for 14 consecutive years.