Product Environmental Information

ASUS is committed to manage all products through a complete quality management process, in line with the product sales market local laws and regulations. In addition, we also disclose the environmental information of the products as well as the eco labels received.

International Regulation Compliance

We disclose information required by international regulations below:

Product Environmental Information

Eco Label

The followings are eco labels received by our products. Please choose the one you are interested in for more information and the list of the products:

Product Eco Profile

Other than the eco label products, ASUS follows the ISO 14040 standard to evaluate the environmental impacts through life cycle from extraction, manufacturing, usage, packaging, to end of life, and publish product eco profile.

In 2017, ASUS conducted the EP&L (Environmental Profit and Loss) Project to monetize environmental impact. The scope did not only include ASUS-owned operation sites. We also invited our tier 1 to tier 3 suppliers to measure, value and report the environmental externalities including GHG, Water and Waste etc.. ASUS will announce complete EP&L report in the near future.

The Eco Declaration

According to ECMA-370 "The Eco Declaration - TED" published by ECMA International, ASUS discloses product environmental information, including but not limited to chemicals, electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations, materials, packaging, and energy efficiency.