Product Environmental Information

ASUS is committed to manage all products through a complete quality management process, in line with the product sales market local laws and regulations. In addition, we also disclose the environmental information of the products as well as the eco labels received.

International Regulation Compliance

We disclose information required by international regulations below:

Product Environmental Information

Eco Label

"The United Nations held the United Nations Conference on Human Environment" on June 5, 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden. This was the first meeting of its kind attended by governments from all over the world to discuss the protection of the global environment. Results were later published as the "Declaration of United Nations Conference on Human Environment". All members reached a consensus that "there is only one Earth". During the conference, the idea of the "World Environment Day"(WED) was created with a view to alert people to environmental issues. Since then, the key issue of each meeting is the agenda for WED each year.

The theme of the WED 2015 was "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet, Consume with Care". What does "Consume with Care" means? In essence, it is the kind of consumption behavior under the precondition of sustainable development of the Earth. For ICT product, it resembles green consumption.

Then, what kind of specifications could be recognized as a "green product"? There should be an impartial standard as reference for defining "green" to avoid the misleading of the consumers as "Greenwash" by the industry. At this point, "Eco labels" are efficient means for helping consumers identify green products. The labels align with regulations that establish thresholds throughout the product life cycle. Products accredited with ecolabels have been proven to have lesser negative impacts on the environment.

Since 2000, ASUS has dedicated itself to environmental protection and has initiated Green ASUS as its sustainability drive. We have included standards of various international eco labels into our technical standards, thus the R&D engineer could refer to the technical standards at the product design stage and the product would be ready for government procurement and meet customers' requests for regulation compliance.

ASUS analyzes the requirements of eco labels and identifies significant programs to actively apply for or registers the product to promote green products. In 2016, ASUS products received 31,321 eco labels.

The followings are eco labels received by our products. Please choose the one you are interested in for more information and the list of the products:

Product Eco Profile

Other than the eco label products, ASUS follows the ISO 14040 standard to evaluate the environmental impacts through life cycle from extraction, manufacturing, usage, packaging, to end of life, and publish product eco profile.

In 2017, ASUS conducted the EP&L (Environmental Profit and Loss) Project to monetize environmental impact. The scope did not only include ASUS-owned operation sites. We also invited our tier 1 to tier 3 suppliers to measure, value and report the environmental externalities including GHG, Water and Waste etc.. ASUS will announce complete EP&L report in the near future.

The Eco Declaration

According to ECMA-370 "The Eco Declaration - TED" published by ECMA International, ASUS discloses product environmental information, including but not limited to chemicals, electromagnetic compatibility and safety regulations, materials, packaging, and energy efficiency.