Workplace Sanitation

Sustainability in Workplace

ASUSTeK embraces Five Virtues (humility, integrity, diligence, agility, and courage) to create an incredible healthy and safe workplace.

  • Humility: review and plan workplace health and safety enhancement project with humility to achieve better and more comprehensive health and safety services
  • Integrity: confront imperfection with integrity to make improvements
  • Diligence: walk the floor and check with diligence to expose imperfections
  • Agility: possess keen observation, stay alert and act promptly to prevent the disasters to spread
  • Courage: have the courage to speak out, no obscure and no escape

ASUS had announced spin off OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Brand in 2008; thereafter, ASUS becomes a Brand company and focus on product development and service. To ensure a safe working environment preventing occupational accidents from happening, ASUS review work safety principles annually and will report to the government if any update occured.

To face the rapidly changing industry and challenges, in 2014, ASUS amended the "Principles of Environment and Labor Safety" and drafted the "Principles of Environmental Considerations, Risk Assessments and Management Approaches" which clearly identifies any potential risk in our daily operations, in R&D, in materials used, in R&D equipments, and thus will be able to take the appropriate action.

ASUS develops the "Chemical Management Guidelines" to educate employees with regarding the use of dangerous and hazardous substances to protect them from occupational hazards and to prevent the workplace from environmental pollution. We also perform regular check on working environment as well as equipment safety. The working environment includes but not limited to: air quality in office and underground parking lots, and noise level; the equipment safety check, malfunction and the aging of the equipment. It is to ensure a healthy working condition and safe operational processes and thus protecting the wellbeing of our employees.

ASUSTeK's "people-oriented" corporate culture contains two essential elements: "Focus on Fundamentals and results" and "Innovation & Aesthetics". Under this culture, we plans Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) events and training courses with contents that are fun and close to the everyday living to attract enthusiastic participation company-wide.

  • Diverse training materials: workplace health and safety training courses are no longer dull and boring. We present the training materials through comics, picture books and films. The content is easy to understand and closely related to the everyday living scenarios. We make it easy and fun to read and learn to increase learning interests.
    • Customizing digital training packages in accordance to the characteristic of the job:
      • General operators: general operations, gondola operations, hanging operations, hot work,overhead operations, restricted space......
      • Meal preparation workers: labor safety and hygiene, food safety and hygiene
      • Cleaning workers: labor safety and hygiene, cleaning operation guidelines in Mandarin/Taiwanese
  • Fun workplace safety educational events: to encourage participation, we designed various events and games to deliver learning content and workplace safety information through fun activities.
    • Diverse traffic safety education: the contents includes traffic safety film viewing and regular publication of brochures, as well as motorcycle health checkup activities. We not only offer our employees useful information on traffic safety but also take care of them.
    • Fire drill simulation: to strengthen the ability of our employees to react to the actual fire scene, we not only performed the emergency evacuation with real smoke during the fire frill but also cooperated with government drills. We attempted to make the drill as real as possible to give our employee a true to life experience.

Snapshots of Emergency Simulation Drills

ESH Training

We educate employees the environmental, safety and health awareness through classes, meetings, seminars, and practices, following implementations, oral testing, or reports. We also encourage and send out our employees to external professional training held by external institutions for professional licenses. Some of the internal ESH classes are: ESH training of orientation, fire drill training, first-aid personnel training, dangerous and hazardous substance training. Moreover, we use other media such as online courses, cards, corner propaganda, poster, multimedia to deliver ESH knowledge.