Community Involvement

If a corporate creates a balanced social development, it could stabilize the society and reduce external social costs, and it is one of the important factors of ESG. ASUS believes in a people-oriented corporate philosophy of "Inspire, Motivate and Nurture Employees" and extends the concept through giving back to the society. By donation, providing education, creating job opportunities, and promoting local prosperity, we attempt to improve people's living standards, especially to allow those from the bottom of the social pyramid or excluded groups to participate in various activities in the society, and thus create a society of mutual benefit and harmony.

The Growth and Training Program of "Children Are Us"

ASUS collaborates with the "Children Are Us Foundation" in an innovative employment program and has hired 10 people with intellectual disability as full-time employees since 2008. A Children Are Us Bakery is established in the employee cafeteria, and 100% of the profits are donated to the Children Are Us Foundation to help more children in need. Through a stable work environment, professional occupational therapy and job guidance and continuous individual development plans, 10 people have delayed their aging and improved intelligence, physical fitness and work capabilities. Their stable income can also help to improve their own families. From the role of being served, they turn into be service providers and from resource consumers to resource creators.

Fun Guandu Festival

GuanDu, where the corporate headquarters of ASUS is located, is the only place in Taipei City that has natural wetlands, migratory bird habitats, fishing ports, and docks. It has a rich natural ecology and history. In order to appreciate the support of local residents for Asus and to gather the community awareness and centripetal force of schools, enterprises, communities, and residents at all levels in the Guandu area, the ASUS Foundation has collaborated with the Taipei National University of the Arts, Guandu Temple, and other local organizations since 2015 to organize the "Fun Guandu Festival" every year. The festival incorporates the unique art and culture elements in this area, Integrate the unique artistic and cultural atmosphere of Guandu area, connect local resources to jointly develop unique characteristics, maintain local natural resources, drive and combine local groups and schools at all levels to jointly cultivate the community and transfer historical culture.

The "Fun Guandu Festival" is held on the last Saturday of October after the autumn equinox and before winter. It reproduces the scenes of rural harvest in Guandu, where people bring the harvest of the year to the streets and share it with everyone. In 2020, due to the epidemic, large-scale street activities was cancelled and changed into the combination of art and nature conservation, which advocated the harmonious coexistence of heaven, earth, and people, hoping to convey the concept of ecological conservation. We used our influence to appeal to people from different ethnic groups to visit and fell the beautiful life and humanity in Guandu, and to educate them with the nature and wild lives.

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Charity Donations and Sponsorships

In addition to participating in various social activities, ASUS also supports different organizations every year in accordance to our core value to provide contributions to humanity." In 2020, ASUS committed a total of NT$2,568,000 which was mainly for ASUS Foundation and other social welfare matters. ASUS also encourages employees to initiate fundraising by establishing the fundraising platform. In 2020, NT$3,379,314 were collected through the platform, reaching a cumulatively amount of NT$21,020,708, over 29 social welfare organizations and more than 5,000 schoolchildren, families, and the elderly were helped since 2012.

Fundraising and Goods and Materials Donation

ASUS supports vulnerable groups with actions. We invite shelter workshops and social welfare organizations to ASUS sites in the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, on ASUS Family Day, as well as every month, to set up their booth for sales, and at the same time promote social welfare practices to our employees. In 2020, 7 NGOs were invited to the charity sell with proceeds of NT$583,782. The Andrew Charity Association, which has been cooperating since 2014, promotes the "Andre Food Bank" project to provide the most convenient and longterm preservation of food as the "food package", which could assist poor school children in the growing stage and families. The med- and long-term care is supplemented by food package assistance, to help children from poverty and disadvantaged families grow up healthy and free from hunger. This concept has been highly recognized and supported by ASUS employees and good c can be achieved at the end of each year. The cumulative proceeds from 2014 to 2020 reached NT$1,000,595.

In addition to the fundraising platform, ASUS also provides a goods and materials collection platform. Employees are encouraged to donate any new or old items no longer needed. Some of the materials received in 2020 were sold in the charity fair held in Fun Guandu Festival. In response to the Christmas shoebox gift solicitation plan held by Bravo FM91.3 radio station, our employees donated 150 boxes of materials to children in rural areas. The proceeds from the charity sale were donated to the Taiwan Disability-Free Association and Taipei Youth Corner to support various activities that benefit the disabled and young people.