Contribution to the Society

ASUS and the ASUS Foundation have continued to sponsor literary and art events to support the local communities, expand our international horizons and fulfill our social responsibility by taking actions in various social activities.

Assisted development of the intellectually challenged

ASUS is keen in providing assistance to the vulnerable population through the digital education for reducing divide and vulnerable group sponsorship. Lifelong support is also provided: Since 2008, ASUS has hired 9 intellectually challenged full-time employees to run the "Children-Are-Us" bakery ASUS branch in the employee restaurant. All the profit is provided to the Children Are Us Foundation so that assistance is available to more intellectually challenged individuals in need, and they can learn new skills for living and gain confidence from empowerment.

ASUS Enterprise Academy with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

To help young students to quickly cope with the workplace after graduation, make appropriate adjustment on learning while still in school, and apply the knowledge and skills in the workplace, ASUS had been worked with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology since 2014 to establish ASUS Enterprise Academy. We recruit 20 students each year and professional lecturers are from our professional managers. We expect to shorten the gap between different understandings and impressions of the industry as well as to nurture more talents for the community.

Fun Guandu Festival

Despite having our facilities in the Guandu area for more than 20 years, ASUS has had limited connections to the local community. As such, ASUS and Taipei National University of the Arts collaborated the “Fun Guandu Festival” event in 2015. The goal of the event was to foster and strengthen the bonds of the neighboring villages while caring for the people and affairs of Guandu as we transform Guandu into a cherished venue of arts and technology in Taipei. Thanks to the effort of all the collaborating organizations, Fun Guandu Festival became one of the major events of World Design Capital Taipei 2016, and one of the major annual activities of the year in Taipei City. In 2017, Zenny and over 200 employees participated in street acts and charity sales market. They danced “Say ASUS” with the crowd and partied all over the streets of Guandu. Other ASUS employees joined the canoe river team who paddled from Sun-Shi pier along the KeeLung River to Guandu fisherman’s wharf and met up with the street team. They made tribute to everyone’s beloved land of Guandu. All the charity income from this activity went to Northern Taipei Taiwan Fund for Children and Families and other long-term cooperated welfare organizations to help the minority children.

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ASUS Philippine Operation Smile “Show Your Smile” Action

ASUS Philippine together with NGO “Operation Smile” initiated “Show Your Smile” action to recruit selfie or wefie smiling photos. People would just need to upload the photo to the social media and give the tag “#4theSmile”. For each photo uploaded, ASUS Philippine would donate one peso to the organization “Operation Smile Philippines” to help the cleft lip and palate children in poverty to perform repair surgery, so they and their families could show their smiles and gain confidence again.

“Operation Smile” was established in 1988 and has been actively helping cleft lip and palate children in poverty in Philippine through fund raising and conducting medical activities. According to the research by “Operation Smile”, there is one child born with cleft lip and palate every three minutes. These children need social assistance desperately. The charity event “#4theSmile” that ASUS Philippine involved raised 1.3 million peso (about 750,000 New Taiwan Dollars). Local employees and media were called for a two-day volunteer work in QualiMed General Hospital in Iloilo in mid-Philippine to make contribution to local public healthcare. Pilipino likes to take selfie. For most people, taking a selfie with a smile is the most common thing to do. However, it might be the deepest sorrow for those with cleft lip and palate. ASUS Philippine hopes to bring up the public awareness to care for children with cleft lip and palates and their families by the spirit “We Love Selfie & Wefie” of ASUS product ZenFone 4 Selfie. Let’s spread and expand the love through “#4theSmile”.

Cooperation with Da-Ai Television

Since 2008, ASUS has sponsored the production of spiritual purification-related programs by Radio Da-Ai. The theme of the charity advertisement for 2017 was “Sustainability and Creativity”, which was based on actual cases of the donations of refurbished computers. First half of the year focused on the disadvantaged children in Yunlin, whereas second half of the year focused on the international pen pal relationship between Swaziland ad Tafon elementary school. We wished more people could know the significance and connotation of "Refurbished Computer and Digital Training Program" through the advertisement and would join us to support the program.

Crowd Funding, Fundraising, and Charity Sale Donations

ASUS supports the vulnerable groups with actions. We invite shelter workshops and social welfare organizations to ASUS sites on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, on ASUS Family Day, as well as every month, to set up the booth for sales, and at the same time promote social welfare practices to gain recognitions and direct supports from our employees. In 2017, the revenue of charity shops was NTD 650,951.

In 2017, ASUS contributed NTD 107,651 thousands for public interest with the followings: The ASUS Foundation and social welfare caring.

We also build an IT charity fundraising platform for donation and fundraising. In 2017, through the platform, employee donated NTD 2,835 thousands, and it was primarily used for supporting the vulnerable groups and for their New Year gifts. Started from 2011, the fundraising opens before Chinese New Year each year. We had been raising NTD 11,818,563 thousands as of now and 16 social welfare groups received the funds.

In addition to the charity fundraising platform, we also provide a material collection platform. Employees are encouraged to donate any new or old items no longer needed. Some of the materials raised in 2017 were sold in the charity fair to extend the use life of the objects, while some were donated to African entities with diplomatic relation with Taiwan such as Swaziland and Kenya to provide children of school age with clothes and shoes. ASUS also collaborated with World Vision Taiwan in assisting senior high school students in Penghu. Thanks to the charity moves, our employees now cherish their belongings and show altruism.