Contribution to the Society

ASUS and the ASUS Foundation have continued to sponsor literary and art events to support the local communities, expand our international horizons and fulfill our social responsibility by taking actions in various social activities. The followings were our 2018 events.

Fun Guandu Festival - Promote Local Culture

ASUS and Taipei National University of the Arts collaborated to hold the annual “Fun Guandu Festival” event from 2015. The goal of the event was to foster and strengthen the bonds of the neighboring villages while caring for the people and affairs of Guandu as we transform Guandu into a cherished venue of arts and technology in Taipei. Thanks to the effort of all the collaborating organizations, the Fun Guandu Festival became one of the major events of World Design Capital Taipei 2016, and one of the major annual activities of the year in Taipei City.

Guandu is located at the confluence of the rivers. It has been the key node for water transportation in the Tamsui River Basin since ancient times. Because it is located at the junction of saltwater and freshwater, Guandu is also rich in fish resources. After the Guandu Plain formed due to alleviation, residents have diverted water to irrigate their rice fields. The river brings vitality, feeding Guandu people generation after generation. After decades of changes in the environment, industry, and population, they are still tightly connected to water. In addition to evoking the deep memories of the people with the land and water, the past stories of the land also help us realize how Guandu is influenced by the Tamsui River. We can also reflect on how important water is to modern life. Hence, we need to further examine the ecological and environmental issues, highlight local features, concentrate community awareness, and shorten the distance between modern people. Lifestyles that promote sustainable coexistence with the river, natural ecosystem, and Guandu people can thereby be developed.

The “Fun Guandu Festival” is not just a happy carnival but also a "green, environmentally-friendly, zero garbage" cultural festival. We hope that this will be an international cultural event that enables the world to see Guandu. Guandu people would like to create a special style that is different from the urban style of downtown Taipei. Therefore, it is necessary for the world to see not only the beautiful environment and the charming cultural customs of Guandu but also the harmonious, happy, green, and environment-friendly lifestyle of Guandu people.

In 2018, led by Chief Sustainability Officer, hundreds of ASUSers staged a street show, together with more than 30 local groups and 60 local businesses. As the fourth year of the Fun Guandu Festival, this year has the theme of “My River, My Home,” which evokes the coexisting experience of settling along the water. It also reflects how important the water resource is to modern life, even after years of environmental and industrial changes. We can thereby further examine the environmental protection issues, highlight local features of Guandu, and together build a sustainable lifestyle among the river, nature, and people.

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Charity Donations and Sponsorships

On top of concrete actions and participation in various social events, ASUS also has an annual budget for the sponsorship of various charity organizations. Moreover, our employees also take the initiative to organize fundraising and donations. In 2018, ASUS contributed $18,912 NTD thousands for public interest in the ASUS Foundation and social welfare caring.

Fundraising and Material Donation

ASUS supports vulnerable groups with actions. We invite shelter workshops and social welfare organizations to ASUS sites in the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, on ASUS Family Day, as well as every month, to set up a booth for sales, and at the same time promote social welfare practices to gain recognitions and direct support from our employees.

We also build an IT charity fundraising platform for donation and fundraising. In 2018, through the platform, employees donated NTD 4,283,561, and it was primarily used for supporting the vulnerable groups and for their New Year gifts. Started from 2011, the fundraising opens before Chinese New Year each year. We had been raising NTD 14,574 thousands as of now and 18 social welfare groups received the funds.

In addition to the charity fundraising platform, we also provide a materials collection platform. Employees are encouraged to donate any new or old items no longer needed. Some of the materials raised in 2018 were sold in the charity fair to extend the use life of the objects, while some were donated to African entities with diplomatic relations with Taiwan, such as Swaziland and Kenya, to provide school-age children with clothes and shoes.