Waste Management

In addition to the product design towards the circular economy, we also expect to achieve zero waste in business operations.

Waste can bring serious environmental and hygienic burden, as a lack of adequate management incurs enormous costs to government, corporations, and society. In ASUS, waste is categorized into general industrial waste and hazardous industrial waste. ASUS waste could be classified into general waste and hazardous waste. The hazardous waste mainly included R&D materials and waste, which are treated and recycle by approved recyclers. The general waste mainly included daily garbage from employees, which are main reused after adequate recycling. The portion that cannot be recycled will be finally processed with incineration or landfill.

Other than the limitations, our efforts can minimize environmental impacts, and the increase in reuse and recycling will also decrease the waste going to incineration or landfill. The historical data of type and weight of waste in Taiwan are as followed: