Waste Management

Waste can bring serious environmental and hygienic burden, as a lack of adequate management incurs enormous costs to government, corporate and society. In ASUS, waste is categorized into general industrial waste and hazardous industrial waste. The general type primarily comes from ordinary materials for research and development, rejected products, package materials and the domestic wastes from employees. The waste is strictly categorized and managed, then subject to storage. The reusable materials will be properly recycled, and the non-recyclable parts are incinerated or delivered to landfill. The hazardous industrial wastes will be handled by qualified recycler for reuse.

Other than the limitations, our efforts can minimize the environmental impacts, and the increase in reuse and recycling will also decrease the wastes going to incineration or landfill. The historical data of type and weight of waste in Taiwan are as follows:

As the business continues to expand, more wastes are generated and the management has become a major challenge. We promoted the importance of waste sorting to our employees to improve recycling rate and reduce industrial waste generated. In addition, by continuing to communicate with recyclers and research on the recovery technology, we expect the increase in waste recycling and reuse, and ultimately accomplish the goal of zero waste to landfill.