Water Resource Management

The need of water resource in daily life or for corporate operation increases, so do the water resource depletion and the associated risks. In ASUS, water is primarily of domestic purposes by office employees, suggesting that the operational risks from water resource are relatively low.

To achieve the effective water resource management, optimized usage and reduced wasting of water resource, we took several measures in hardware and software. We conducted long-term recording of the water usage and wastewater in office with more employees including the Taiwan headquarters, Luzhu Readiness Yard and Chengde Office. In headquarters, we also deployed water recycling and reuse facility to collect rainwater and fugitive water to supply the toilet and for plant watering.

The source of sewage is primarily domestic sewage, which will be discharged to the designated sewage treatment system to avoid environmental damages. Sewage monitoring, system maintenance and the creation of operation manual are conducted by designated personnel and sewage management partners to ensure that the water released comply with environment laws and regulations.