Water Resource Management

Regardless of whether it is to maintain life or business operations, the dependence and demands for water resources have grown, but the problem of insufficient water resources and risks has have also increased over the years. In ASUS, the consumption of water resources mainly covers daily water for general office staff and the source comes from municipal supply while the risk of operation affected by water resources is relatively lower. Based on CSR, numerous water-saving measures were conducted for effective administration on water resources.

To achieve these, as well as improving usage efficiency and reducing wastage on water resources, we have implemented numerous measures in software and hardware. Hot spots of higher water consumption in Taiwan undergo analysis and statistics on significance, which will serve as records for long-term tracking. Moreover, a water recycling and reuse facilities were erected at the Headquarter, which collected overflowing water for toilet use and plant maintenance.

The source of waste water is mainly office sewage, which is normally drained into a specified sewage treatment system as per government regulations, thus it is not in the scope of disclosure. With the COVID-19 outbreak in 2021, employees were placed on split team arrangements based on the severity of the outbreak situation. Hence the overall water consumption reduced by 26.2%.

All domestic wastewater from ASUS operations is properly treated before discharge, and no untreated wastewater is discharged. It has now been managed by the government sewage treatment system.

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