Healthy Workplace

We uphold the culture of "happy work and enjoy life". Through the improvement of workplace safety, health promotion activities, physical and mental stress relief lectures, parent-child activities, etc. we aim to maintain work and life balance, and thereby enhance the corporate cohesiveness and competitiveness. ASUS has long been committed to creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable working environment, and applies the spirit of perseverance and the pursuit of excellence to the field of occupational safety and health. The Company won the highest honor of the "2018 National Occupational Safety & Health Award - Enterprise Benchmark Award" by the Ministry of Labor.

ASUS has self-managed and cooperate with local fire departments to organize emergency training through safety and health hazard identification, education and training promotion, and disaster prevention simulation exercises. The Company also promotes the "Workplace GO Relief Reward System", with the goal of full participation and "zero disaster" to enhance worker safety awareness and ensure workplace safety. In addition, in order to achieve effective communication, ASUS forms the Occupational Safety and Health Committee composed of 18 labor-management members3 and hold quarterly meeting.

Performances in 2021

  • Taiwan iSports Accreditation by Sport Administration, Ministry of Education
  • Excellent Healthy Workplace Accreditation by Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare - Health Promotion Label Extension
  • Completed safety and health risk identification, organized emergency response drills

Workplace Safety

ASUS elevated the awareness of worker safety and ensured workplace safety through safety and health hazard identification, education and training promotion, disaster prevention drills and coorganizing emergency response training with local fire departments, among other self-management, in addition to the rollout of Workplace GO Safety Reward System to all employees and setting "incident-free" target.

To boot, with an eye on encouraging participation of all employees and achieving effective communication, ASUS established an "Occupational Safety and Health Committee" comprising 18 working level and management members. Meetings are convened quarterly to review the relevant safety and health issues stipulated in the laws and regulations, including the contents of occupational disaster investigation reports, operating environment monitoring results, safety and health education and training and annual audit results.

Every year, ASUS invites SERASUS members from various departments and Safety&Health Dept. to jointly conduct the "Environmental Consideration and Safety and Health Risk Identification". At the same time, with an objective two-way view, the past occurrences, potential hazards, current affairs issues, annual audits or incidents reported by stakeholders of various departments are reviewed, and the Annual Material Environmental Considerations and Intolerable Risks are determined by the composite rating.

Healthy Workplace

ASUS adheres to the business philosophy of "inspire, motivate, and nurture employees," by providing annual health check-up service, which is superior to the provisions set out in the "Regulations Governing the Labor Health Protection,"to its employees. In addition, any abnormality discovered in the check-up is analyzed, managed and tracked according to the level of severity. Doctors and nurses regularly monitor the abnormality, assist in medical referrals, and promote various health promotion activities. We believe this could help employees to have a healthy body.

The participation rate of colleagues in Taiwan hit 95% in 2021, and with the care and follow-up by occupational health nurses, some 80% of individuals with highly high anomalies have completed their re-examinations, treatments or improvements. Additionally, ASUS achieved the goal of sustainable operation of healthy workplaces by partnering with neighboring hospitals, while promoting health activities.

ASUS provides occupational disease prevention and consultation with professional medical specialists for employees, and developed a health management platform to carry out ergonomic hazards, maternity protection, overwork and abnormal health check-ups so as to filter at-risk groups. Intervention care would be offered by nurses, occupational safety personnel, and human resources personnel, and where necessary, clinical consultations would be arranged to execute the prevention and management of occupational diseases. Occupational specialists have stepped in to improve and follow up with personnel with ergonomic, maternity and overwork anomalies in 2021.

ASUS takes the physical, mental and spiritual health of employees very seriously and promoted holistic health development plans, with health advocacy covering:

In 2018, ASUS received the highest honor (the National Occupational Safety and Health Award - Corporate Standard Award) from the Ministry of Labor, and the Taipei City Safety Award - Excellent Unit for 4 consecutive years. In addition, ASUS had also received Global Wellness Council Smoke-Free Certified™ which is an initiative to promote 100% smoke-free environment to create better working environment

Five-Star Psychological Care


The Employee Caring Hotline: Provides immediate assistance to employees, and the joint consultation services provided by professional colleagues and external consultant experts give employees psychological and emotional support or stress relief solutions related to employees' work, life and health. In the event that employees suffer from accidental injuries, hospitalization or major disasters, we also activate emergency relief and assistance depending on the circumstances of each case and give employees and their family appropriate care.

Opinion Box.: ASUS also encourages employees to present their opinions or ideas through internal channels. Feedbacks are classified into 4 categories: product R&D, sales and marketing, administrative affairs, and personal opinions.

Employee care website: Published information including work stress relief, positive thinking and information helpful for employees' work or personal life. Designed for assisting employees in selfmanagement and achieving a balanced work-life development, the website delivered care messages along with stress relief advice. In addition, emergency relief and care services are made available to provide employees with customized resolutions for colleagues in need of long-term care on top of solicitude payments, as a means to render personal assistance and support and to enable employees and their families to feel the love and care of the ASUS family.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): The EAP incorporates multiple communication channels and assistance and counseling solutions. It assists employees to solve personal issues that may affect work productivity and offers supervisors with professional management consultation services to help them resolve crisis and management issues. In order to improve the comprehensiveness of employee care, the employee relations also provide emergency medical referrals and assistance for employees and their families.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, gentle reminders were immediately broadcasted on the intranet to reach out to the employee care hotline should they encounter issues at work, life and health and require assistance. Over and above organizing online psychological seminars for employees to participate in, articles related to pandemic prevention were posted on the employee care website from time to time to stick with our colleagues through thick and thin.


Caring of Female Employees

Since 2010, ASUS has continuously obtained the "Excellent Breastfeeding Room Certification". In order to take care of the health and safety of employees during pregnancy, we offer pregnancy gifts and courtesy parking spaces, and settle special rest chairs in the room to help pregnant mothers feel comfortable and relax during their lunch breaks. In 2019, we optimized the environment of the breastfeeding room through access control and independent compartments, providing a friendly environment for breastfeeding.

In 2021, the return to work rate for females after parental leave in Taiwan and after maternity leave in China was 84% and 94%, accordingly; the retention rate for females after returning to work for 12 months in Taiwan and in China was 84% and 81%, respectfully. The high return to work rate and retention rate in Taiwan and China show that ASUS would not force females to leave due to pregnancy or parenting and that it is committed to providing a gender equality environment.

Recreational Facilities

To provide employees with a positive and healthy work environment with proper balance of work and recreation, the gymnasium in headquarter equips with indoor court, swimming pools (adult pool, children’s pool, and SPAl), fitness center, steam room, aerobics room, billiards room, and outdoor sunbathe area that open to our employees before and after work to keep physical fitness to the best condition. These facilities are also open to employees and their families during holidays.

LOHAS Workplace

ASUS holds seminars and games on LOHAS lives at regular intervals. Employees are invited to participate for the release of their stress from work and reinforce their self-actualization. Happy traveling seminars have been organized to guide them to find happiness from different facets of lives and to enjoy lives. ASUS also plans for a variety of arts and cultural events, such as children folk game DIY (Do It Yourself) in related festivals or pictures exhibitions at the art gallery by the employee from ASUS Design Center with the making of customized cards on the scene on exhibition. Employees can also demonstrate their talents in this area in the exhibitions.

Parent-child Relationship

ASUS firmly believes that harmony in family can augment psychological health. As such, family members of the employees are also the target for caring. The gymnasium is opened to family members on holidays to encourage family participation in sports and games. This helps to reinforce parent-children relationships and share the same hobby, and nurture positive family interactions. There are also family days and department gathering days for the family members to join. Summer camp and winter camp are also organized for the children.