Talent Education

Talent is the cornerstone of a company's success. ASUS believes that only every employee can fully demonstrate ASUS DNA: ASUS 5 Virtues, Focus on Fundamentals & Results, Lean Thinking, Innovation and Aesthetics, and the strengths in his or her job can achieve the vision of "becoming the world's most admired innovative leading technology enterprise in the new digital era," and provide valuable contributions to humanity.

The total number of ASUS employees in 2021 was 15,327 (incumbent at the end of the year). The total training hours were 360,603 hours, and the average training hours per person were 23.5 hours (due to the pandemic, the number of physical courses was reduced and converted to digital courses, thus the number of digital courses increased by 31% compared to 2020. In addition, the number of training hours decreased compared to 2020 because the courses were more streamlined after digitization and not all courses were delivered at once). The summary was as follows:

Talent Cultivation and Developmen t Framework

Linking the corporate culture, core values and global strategies, the Talent Development System is divided into three dimentions, including "core values", "management leadership" and "professional skills". We provide various training courses and digital self-learning resources for senior-level, mid-level, first-level managers and general employees to foster diverse talents.

Global Culture Communication

ASUS cultural transformation focuses on the 16-character motto of “transform and evolve, trust in radical truth and transparency, and embrace idea meritocracy and foster collective wisdom”, and promote the motto to our global branches through the cultural cultivation, activities, leadership behaviors, integrating into the management mechanism.

ASUS & Me Global Culture Photographs

We hosted the ASUS & Me Global Culture Photographs Event with innovation and creativity as the theme in 2021. We listened to and saw the ASUS culture from the perspective of employees, and the cumulative number of participants was 23,685.


Since 2019, to promote cross-departmental relationship and cohesion among employees, we have been publishing "ASUS DNA Story" irregularly every year to share the specialities, missions and achievement of different teams. A total of 7 new articles were published in 2021, and accumulated a total of 11,868 readers.

Core Competitiveness

We divied the core competitiveness into 8 major DNAs. A variety of courses and activities are designed for the new hires to convey ASUS business philosophy and common values, which are to be completed within 2 years.

Professional Skills

ASUS divides professional skills into four areas: research and development, engineering and technology, and sales/marketing and management support. We identify the skill requirements for each position to develop theroadmap of professional training, technology and trend seminars, and strategic training programs. In 2021, we formed a technical committee comprised of the department and division level managers and experts to establish the learning blueprint for the mechanical and thermal knowledge, introducing a total of 38 new courses.

Sales/Marketing Professional Training

In 2020, COVID-19 global pandemic was tense. The Sales Heads, general managers and senior managers of all branches built a global knowledge system for sales personnels. They produced 30 hours of online couse with contents such as business marketing skills, market and channel management, e-commerce, supply chain management, and customer service to strengthen the skills of ASUS sales personnels in headquarter and overseas branches.

Technology and Trends Lecture

TechTalk technology forum is held annually to promote cross-unit presentation and idea exchange of innovative technology. In 2021, 14 lectures were divided into three sessions, and 2 professors from National Taiwan University were invited to give lectures on machine learning and quantum technology trend. The lectures were held online with a total of 776 participants, which is 5 times compared with last year.

Management Skills

In order to strengthen the management thinking and leadership ability of managers who lead the team to achieve the operational strategic goals, ASUS is committed to the development of management skills. Through cooperating with professional consultants to provide learning resources, we also actively invite internal mid- and seniorlevel executives to carry out management experience inheritance to new managers. The total training hours were 14,004 in 2021.

Annual Key Strategies Projects

Design Thinking Talent Cultivation

Design Thinking is a human-oriented design spirit and method that considers the needs of users and the feasibility of technology and business, using bold innovation, embracing the concept of beauty, and constantly creating a pleasant full-life experience for users.

The talent development under the concept of Design Thinking is to design different levels of training programs according to the depth of application and the targeted employees, turning design thinking into the culture, ability and common language of all ASUS employees.

In 2021, "Integrating Design Thinking into Work" was the main theme. We organized multiple Design Thinking workshops internally and externally, arranged monthly/seasonal sharing sessions, as well as the annual competition and award mechanisms to encourage internal communication and to create an innovation environment. This year, we also held cross-industry exchanges with FamilyMart on the theme of "new retail" for the first time. ASUS employees from Republic of Gamers (ROG), personal compute, commerce, mobile phones and business units of relevant service together joined a 1.5-month implementation workshop to submit some Design Thinking projects with commercial potential, which was highly recognized by both ASUS and FamilyMart teams.

In addition, in order to convey Design Thinking in a faster, more convenient, way to all ASUS employees, online learning materials were developedby using multimedia tools such as animations and case studies, while Chinese and English courses were successively constructed as well. A total of 1,696 employees had completed the training in 2021.We expect to develop digital courses in up to 15 languagesby Q2 of 2022.

People Growth Program (PGP)

In order to cultivate high-level management and π-shaped skills, we structure leadershipdevelopment plans3 to build up the operational capabilities of potential employees. This inspires innovative thinking and promotes interdepartmental collaboration.

Global Talent Program (GTP)

ASUS strategically implements the training of talent internationally. We have also established a comprehensive and systematic three-month training-and-evaluation model that enables high-potential employees to effectively acquire knowledge and experience from online and offline courses, study groups, internships and mentors - ready for rapid deployment to branches around the world.

Digital Transformation in L earning and Developmen t

Development of Digital Learning Courses

In response to corporate governance and sustainability, digital learning courses are developed to standardize contents and then be delivered in local languages to convey important policies or messages in a short time. Courses include: “The ASUS Way” conveys ASUS culture and values, “Ethics and Code of Conducts” is supplemented by the promotional card with unfair competition and bribery prevention guidelines and is required annually as a reminder to the employees. In 2021, the “Awareness on Information Security” was launch to promote and enhance the awareness on information security policy.

Introduction of Digital Learning Resources

ASUS has introduced diversified digital learning resources to encourage employees to learn and grow independently. The cumulative number of users of each type of resource has reached 11,474 participants.

Individual Appraisal Management and Development

The annual appraisal management and development cycle includes: Management by Objectives and individual development Plan at the beginning of the year, just-in-time progress reporting as well as mentor coaching and feedback, and annual appraisal at the end of the year. During the progress review, both managers and employees can revise and adjust the objective at any time to achieve the goal.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

The company determines the direction of operations and objectives for the new year. After each functional unit sets the departmental objectives that will help to achieve the company objectives, the tasks will be broken down into individual objectives.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Employees are given project assignments based on the job position and work objectives set forth for the year. They can also further discuss the future career development with their managers, confirming that they need additional skills to develop the annual individual development plans.

Conversation & Feedback & Recognition (CFR)

Managers have regular 1-on-1 conversations with their colleagues, and they review and track the performance to see whether improvements are needed. Meanwhile, through the peer feedback, employees could receive constructive comments and complements for good performance, and immediate conseling and assistance to help them get back on the right track.

Annual Appraisal

To achieve the effective implementation of the company's operation objectives, ASUS regularly conducts appraisal which focuses on the review of past performances and areas for improvement. This process will help employees in setting their targets for the next stage for development. The appraisal results are used as a basis for promotion, competency development and bonus. For those whose performance did not meet expectations, ASUS provides performance improvement plans and adjusts the work according to the situation of the employees when necessary.

The Human Resources department also takes care of and assists employees who are still unable to improve their performance. After sufficient communication, the personnel placement is implemented. In addition to providing severance pay in accordance with relevant laws, we also offer resources such as career development consultation or job transfer to external entities.

Employee Communication

Human Rights Policy Communication

ASUS values "people-oriented" and does not discriminate against employees based on race, gender, age, politicial affiliation, religion, or disability. We follow the local legislation as well as the minimum age requirements. ASUS publicly discloses the S Human Rights Declaration” on the website in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. ASUS values gender equality. The proportion of global female employees was 38.7% and global female managers was 26.4%. Although the majority of employees in the IT industry are male due to the characteristics of the IT industry, there is no employment discrimination or any unfair treatment based on gender. Furthermore, in order to implement ASUS Human Rights Policy, we provide relevant training to employees worldwide. The total hours and percentage of employees trained in human rights were as follows:

Open Communication

ASUS continues to actively expand diversified communication channels to enhance employee relations. By holding regular communication activities, employee opinion mailbox and employee engagement surveys, we build the transparent communication between ASUS and employees, and their suggestions are used as the driving force for improvements to safeguard the rights and interests of each employee. The diagram below shows various communication channels:

  • [Case] CEO On-Live CEO Afternoon Tea
    In 2021, the co- CEOs upheld truthfulness and transparency, and held "CEO On-Live" (Q1 & Q3) and "CEO Afternoon Tea" (Q4) regularly after the quarterly Shareholder meeting. We share quarterly business results and significant goals with employees through live webcasts and physical interac tions accordingly. The cumulative number of employees involved in the event reached 3,107 participants.During the epandemic in Taiwan, ASUS switched to online streaming for direct conversations with employees for the first time. The new form of communication broke through the space limitations caused by work from home and provided a new way of interaction to employees with co-CEOs through online channel.
    Topics included: ASUS' business strategy, COVID-19 prevention measures, development of future product, cross-organizational resources, promotions, salaries, benefits, and motivation for new employees. We break through physical restric tions brought by COVID-19 and keep communication going.