Competency Development and Cultivation

Fostering Talent

Talent is the cornerstone of business success. We believe that if every employee could well demonstrate ASUS DNA, we would be able to achieve the vision of "The world's most admired leading enterprise in a new digital era". Therefore, based on the ASUS DNA, we analyze managerial and professional competencies that are necessary for employees in every level and establish the learning and development system based on these competencies.

ASUS establishes the training roadmaps, including the following categories: core value training, management training, profession training, and customized training, with details below:

ASUS leverages educational institutions and consultants such as Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute(MIC) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to access relevant industry analysis and hold knowledge forum, as well as to provide seminars and training courses to our employees.

Interactive New Comer Orientation

In order to assist new comers to acknowledge and recognize ASUS culture and system and to establish positive and outstanding work attitude, we design various learning methods mainly based on their needs and in forms of classroom lecturing, digital courses, and new employee handbook. By designing a mission with interactive learning method, we let newcomers explore the ASUS headquarter. It helps to deepen their memories and makes the course more practical. In 2017, the trainees acknowledged the value of the program with an average satisfaction of 4.76 (out of 5).

Establish Global Employees Core Value Aspect

To reinforce the recognition of ASUS brand and organizational culture with the oversea subsidiaries, we translated The ASUS Way course into 11 more languages in 2017 in addition to Chinese and English version. We will implement global training to establish ASUS value.

We treat the establishment of core value very seriously. We hope employees all over the world can share the same spirit with ASUS and comply with ASUS moral standard. Therefore, we proactively promoted “Employee Code of Conduct” and issued memo card of “Unfair Competition and Bribery Prevention” to all our employees, including overseas. We also plan to give the card to newcomers in the future, and design the annual training mechanism to remind employees to always follow through the code of conduct from time to time, ensuring ASUS sustainable operation.

Experiential Management Training

In order to establish and show management ability in the leader echelon of ASUS elites, a complete and various training resources will be provided for newly promoted manager. Meanwhile, Chairman Jonney Shih will personally convey the management concept and spirit in the seminar for the new managers. We expect these managers to lead their teams to accomplish the goals, thus maintaining the ASUS’ competitive advantages.

ASUS uses "Action Learning" to shape the concrete concept of management skills through actual experiences with the follow-up discussions. And then the trainees can apply and verify afterwards. A three-month action plan was designed to track and enhance the practice.

Experiential management training focus on not only learning and applying the practice at the same time but also cultivate artistic sense of the manager. It reinforces the combination of technology and art and to deepen the "Innovation and Aesthetics" of one of ASUS DNA. Parts of the courses are done outdoor instead of indoor, which allows the manager to get away from work temporarily to fully focus and experience the course. Overall feedback to the management course was great in 2017. The satisfaction was high with the average score of 4.66 (out of 5.

Professional Training

We provide relevant knowledge and skill in 4 professional fields to make the employees be aware of advanced technology and industrial trend. We also combine the know-how in each field to utilize the resources within the company and thus establish resources sharing culture. It could facilitate the renewal and innovation of knowledge of the employees, enhance the depth and breadth of the profession, and help employees achieve their goals effectively.

Dr. ASUS Program Internal Lecturer Training

ASUS is committed to build up an internal lecturer pool through systematic screening, training and evaluation processes to create excellent lecturers that would continuously share and heritage the knowledge and skills. We have cultivated for 10 years, with a total of 256 lecturers for classroom courses and 151 lecturers for online digital courses since 2007. In addition, we hold annual certificate awarding ceremony to new, excellent and honor lecturers as the recognition to their contributions.

Global Talent Program (GTP)

ASUS strategically fosters an international remote talent, establishes a systemic training model that could effectively transfers and duplicates the successful experience in Taiwan to reserve talents and expand this model globally. By integrating cross-business unit learning resources, and reducing workforce and time cost incurred by repeated training, international talents with high potentials can acquire good overall development through multiple channels such as training courses, reading groups, internship, business mentors and evaluation within 3 months. The program successfully establishes the employer brand, solves the shortage of overseas manpower, as well as provides employees with the training to become a versatile sales specialist with the most current information of overseas market, and appropriately assigns them to suitable positions. The efficiency of the sales team can be greatly improved to better achieve the business goals.

In 2017, 94 sessions (163.5 hours) were held. In addition to the positive feedback, the annual program quality goal was satisfied with the average score of 4.91 (out of 5). 19 new international sales and customers service specialists completed their training and were certified through evaluation.

ASUS Maker Program

In order to inspire the innovation and implementation power, since June 2016, ASUS has been holding monthly innovative conference to invite entrepreneurs from different fields to share their stories, key to success and industrial observations. 12 conferences held were attended by 1,954 persons with an average satisfaction score of 4.44 (out of 5).

Multiple Learning Resources

In order to keep every employee learning from work, ASUS not only improves the internal training courses, but also provides various learning resources, so that employees can choose the applicable learning resources according to individual interests from various learning methods. These include On-Job-Training (projects, coaching), Off-Job-Training (internal/external courses) and self-development (database, e-books and document center). ASUS holds reward programs in place for different self-learning methods to facilitate the recognition and utilization of these resources, and even the habit of proactive learning, to create a self-learning atmosphere as well as a learning organization.

In addition to domestic resources, the ASUS MOOC Site has been created to develop sales-related topics, for example AR/VR and Deep Learning. This encourages employees to acquire the latest and most advanced knowledge and technology from excellent online courses, and they also have a chance to share their learning experience and ideas with ASUSers around the world.