Fostering Talent

The corporate strategies lead the development of Talent. Through our core values, employees are led to develop their strengths at work. ASUS DNA clearly defines the code of conduct and specific behaviors. The Company has also integrated it into management practice, launched a dual-track system of management and professional occupations, and established a function-oriented development system.

The ASUS talent training system is divided into three major functions, including core values, management leadership, and professional skills. It has also planned annual training projects. The relevant contents are as follows:

Core Values

Starting with the corporate culture and core values, ASUS develops and practices leadership, core values, and newcomer training courses.

The Practice of Leadership

In order to enhance the supervisors’ understanding and consensus on functions, so as to enhance the observation and inspection of their members’ functional performance, and help them develop their functions effectively, the Company has designed a compulsory practical function leadership course for management. The course uses multiple methods such as group activities, problem discussions, and real cases to assist supervisors to have a deeper realization and daily practice, and improve the overall learning effectiveness. The course started in June 2019. By the end of the year, there were 20 classes in total, and the amount of completed training supervisors is 599. The satisfaction of overall course was 4.54 (out of 5) on average. It is expected that the in-service supervisor training will be completed by September 2020. In order to follow up with newly promoted and newly recruited supervisors, classes are opened every quarter, for the continuous implementation and execution of the Company’s culture.

Core Value Aspect

To reinforce the recognition of ASUS brand and organizational culture with the oversea subsidiaries, we translated the ASUS Way course into multi-language version with a total of 13 languages in 2019 in addition to the Chinese and English versions. We also implement systematic global training to establish ASUS values, with the training participating rate of 98.21%.

We treat the establishment of our core values very seriously. We hope employees all over the world can share the same spirit with ASUS and comply with ASUS’s moral standards. Therefore, we proactively promoted our “Employee Code of Conduct” and issued memo cards on “Unfair Competition and Bribery Prevention” to all our employees, including overseas. New comers will also receive the card as well as the online course, with the complete rate of 99.06%. A systematic annual training mechanism was established to remind employees to always review the code of conduct from time to time, ensuring ASUS’ sustainable operation, and the retraining rate was 98.97%.

With ASUS DNA, the “Global Cultural Communication Event” was held in 2019 in addition to strengthen employees’ consensus on core and management. Through ASUS vision-conveying videos, ASUS DNA stories, and supplemented with a cultural brochure, the Company conveys and promotes the concept to ASUS Taiwan and overseas bases (more than 10,000) employees. The company also built an interactive website, launched a series of cultural games and competitions, and interacts with participants in offices or stores. Through interesting and vivid ways, we strive to pursue the same goal throughout the world. The activity website has a click rate of more than 25,000, and cultural competition games have more than 5,000 participants have joined. The Company designed a series of cultural story interview activities, and invited each project team to share their daily work and show their management function. These are written into stories and management cases. This has been recognized and praised by the employees.

Management Leadership

In 2019, ASUS re-examined its corporate culture and integrated it into management practice. It clearly define the behavior standards for the five forces of beginninglevel, middle-level management, and high-level management leadership. Based on this, the Company has developed a complete management training plan, and integrates core values, the five forces of management into various management systems such as target management, assessment, promotion, model selection, talent development, and training.

In order to build a high-performance team, ASUS also invites middle- and high-level executives to serve as the keynote speaker for “internal management training” to convey the philosophy of management, and share how to achieve the given goals and enhance competitive advantage beside the introduction of external resources.

Professional Skills

ASUS has been pursuing unparalleled technological innovation for a long time. In response to the ever-changing world, sales strategy, and market trends, ASUS actively promotes efficiency of product and brand business. ASUS professional skills are divided into four major areas, including: R&D, engineering technology, business marketing, and management support. We clearly define the skill requirements for each position and provide corresponding professional training. In addition, experts and scholars in the professional field are invited yearly to hold keynote speechs on technology and trends to strengthen the professional know-how of our employees.

Blueprint for Professional Job Training

In response to operational strategies and company development needs, it has become increasingly urgent in need for key positions and international talents. Through job analysis, the Company clarifies the key capabilities and knowledge required to perform the various duties, and builds training blueprints and systematic training models. We aims to integrate cross business units learning resources and to reduce the cost of double training waste.

Global Talent Program (GTP)

In terms of cultivating international talents, ASUS strategically implements its international talent training- Global Talent Program (GTP), and establishes a comprehensive and systematic training model to effectively pass down and replicate successful experiences and quickly prepare talents to expand to the global market.

International talents with potential undergo a variety of training sessions in three months, include training courses, reading clubs, internship, company mentors and evaluation, to elaborate on the synergy. The program trains employees to become international business talents who understand the overseas market and possess leadership skills. They are assigned to suitable positions to effectively improve the readiness of business teams and achieve the operational goals.

The Global Talent Program entered its sixth year in 2019, and has continued to adhere to its 70-20-10 ratio in learning guidelines; 10 is for the organization of offline courses, 20 is for counseling and feedbacks and 70 is -on-job training. The approach reinforces regular counseling and feedbacks, which directly helps in adapting to the new environment and jobs, earning 4.76 (out of 5) for the overall satisfaction of the courses. In 2019, a total of 16 new trainees for the international business and marketing program completed the training and passed the evaluation test and they started to serve as professional sales managers for various overseas regions or take on the global marketing and planning responsibilities at the head office.

Since 2014, the GTP has trained a lot of 149employees who served as overseas sales, marketing and customer service professionals. Among them, 62 overseas sales professionals are deployed to the Asia-Pacific, European and Latin American countries to engage in market development and operations and they have become the professional managers in various regional markets. The heads of overseas branches highly recognize the GTP elite who have obtained their qualifications from the intensive training and levels of challenges at the headquarters and are able to quickly connect with their assigned regional markets and take on challenges. In addition, the GTP elite who have taken on the responsibilities of sales and marketing planning for global businesses and services planning for clients have demonstrated their professional capacity and leadership potential and been promoted to supervisors after further training.

Lectures on Technology and Trends

In order to let employees to master the trends of technology, and integrate into ASUS’ key development strategies, in 2019, we invited experts with expertise in relevant technologies and application, in the field of AI. There were a total of 11 sessions and 981 participants. The course satisfaction was 4.38, and the student recommendation rate reached 93%.

Design Thinking Workshop

Designed from the users’ perspective, dig into the use of the situation, bold and innovative design thinking for the concept of beauty, and constant creation of a joyful experience to users are the core meanings of ASUS’ DNA - “innovated beautifully”. Among them, “design thinking” is our method to create a successful formula of thoughtful products and services.

Focusing on the next generation of innovative product planning about 1 to3 years later, ASUS invites external advisors with practical coaching experience to lead employees in different positions, PM, ID, RD, ME, MKT, etc., and experience the complete design thinking and agile development process, in order to transform the concept into a product prototype, receive the evaluation and feedback from potential users and internal investors, quickly revise the product design, and make innovative products that are thoughtful and touch the users’ heart.

Learning & Growth Plan and Performance Appraisal

In terms of cultivating international talents, ASUS strategically implements its The performance management in ASUS combines performance appraisal with learning development to improve employees’ performance and ability to achieve the organization's goal. In addition, we emphasize continuous communication between managers and employees to establish clear objectives aligned with the organizational goals.

ASUS implements the "Learning & Growth Plan" for all employees to assist managers in developing the competences of our employees and in providing training plans in accordance with the internal "Education & Training Approaches" documentation. Based on ASUS DNA and the competences required for employees in each level, a manager would evaluate individual performance and personal developmental needs, and then discuss with every employee to devise a tailormade development plan.

ASUS executes performance appraisals in accordance with "Appraisal Standards". Other than those employees in probation periods, part-time internships, special hiring, and high-level managers, all employees have to participate in the routine performance reviews.

Employee Performance Counseling Program

For those whose performance is not in line with expectations, ASUS provides them with opportunities for improvement. The supervisors provide one-on-one counseling to encourage employees to make improvements, work hard, and grow with the company so that they can enhance their performance; when necessary, their work may be adjusted according to the situation. The Human Resources Office will also offer care and assistance in the process to help employees get back on the right track as soon as possible. For employees who fail to improve their performance, a placement plan will be implemented after sufficient communication.

Personnel Placement Assistance

To provide a positive channel of assistance for employees who wish to retire or resign, we conduct separation interviews centered around the help and resources required by the workers, such as career development consultation or job transfer to external entities. In addition, the company provides employee severance fees in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to protect employees’ rights and interests.

Multiple Communication Channels

The company attaches great importance to two-way communication with employees, provides multiple and open communication channels, and promotes a harmonious relationship between labor and management.