Talent Education

Talent is the cornerstone of a company's success. ASUS believes that only every employee can fully demonstrate ASUS DNA: ASUS 5 Virtues, Focus on Fundamentals & Results, Lean Thinking, Innovation and Aesthetics, and the strengths in his or her job can achieve the vision of "becoming the world's most admired innovative leading technology enterprise in the new digital era," and provide valuable contributions to humanity.

We have established a diversified system, including a talent development system oriented by core values, management competencies, and technical competencies. In addition, a system is designated to different levels of managers and general employees, aligning with specific competencies.。

I. Core Values and Culture Promotion

In order to establish a common language for ASUS global employees, we clearly defines behavior indicators for core value and management leaders, and plans related training courses to achieve the purpose of cultural inheritance.

ASUS Culture Communication Series Activities

In 2020, the ASUS "Appreciation Week" was organized and led by the Chairman and co-CEOs to express gratitude to ASUS employees around the world. The campaign interviewed project teams who shared ASUS core values and leadership behaviors as demonstrated in their work. These stories became case studies. Through interesting and vivid approaches, the campaign established a common language for global employees to move toward common goals. More than 8,000 person-time joint the online event, and more than 100 participants in each physical event.

Core Value Training Courses

Design Thinking and Talent Cultivation

Design Thinking is a human-oriented design spirit and method that considers the needs of users and the feasibility of technology and business, using bold innovation, embracing the concept of beauty, and constantly creating a pleasant full-life experience for users. This is how ASUS practices "Innovation & Aesthetics" - one of the core values of the ASUS DNA framework.

The development of Design Thinking across ASUS talents aligns with various employee categories and management level, including Design Thinker, Professional Design Thinker, and Design Thinking Leader. We turns Design Thinking into the culture, ability and common language of all ASUS people.

In 2020, we invited a team of professors from National Taiwan University who are experts in Stanford University's design thinking approach to hold a Design Thinking Workshop to turn "innovation" from a vague expectation into a concrete action plan that can solve users' pain points and lead employees from different positions and functions through a complete design thinking and agile development process to transform creative concepts into product prototypes. The trainees then received feedbacks from users and internal investors to quickly iterate and optimize product design to produce innovative products that were in line with human nature and strike a chord with users.

II. Cultivation on Management Ability

ASUS integrates corporate culture into the management practice. We clearly define the meaning of first-level, mid-level and senior-level managers and the five management behaviors or five leadership behaviors to develop a complete management training plan. Furthermore, we link the core value and the five behaviors with various management systems such as target management, performance appraisal, promotion, model selection, talent development, and training.

We invite mid-level and senior-level managers to give lectures of "Internal Management Training" by sharing how actual management cases lead the team to achieve the assigned goals and maintain ASUS' competitive advantages.

We also introduce courses from external professional consulting companies to strengthen supervisors' global management thinking and capabilities, and lead the team to achieve the company's operational strategic goals.

III. Senior Talent Development Plan

In order to enhance the business and leadership thinking of executives, we cooperated with National Cheng Kung University to offer Mini-EMBA for high-potential talents. Through case studies, group projects and cross-team discussions, we strengthened the leadership, interpersonal and management skills of our executives. We also provided Individual Development Plan (IDP) and eDISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) to help our supervisors to develop themselves.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the first-level management training plan combined online and physical "blended learning" programs. In the online courses, employee can learn management concepts and skills to make learning just-in-time, and the courses were accompanied by physical workshops to exchange and discuss daily management cases, so that they can learn from experience in management issues and apply them to management immediately after the classes, making the learning more closely related to practical needs.

IV. Development of Professional Skills

ASUS has divided the professional skills into four major areas: research and development, sales and marketing, engineering technology, and management support. We clearly defined skills that each position was required and provided corresponding professional training. In addition, experts and scholars in professional fields are invited every year to host seminars on technologies and trends to strengthen professional know-how.

Blueprint for Professional Job Training

Through job analysis, we define the key competencies and knowledge required to perform respective duties, and build training blueprints and systematic training models, hoping to integrate learning resources of cross-operating unit and reduce the cost of repetitive training on manpower and time.

Training Blueprint of Key Position

Global Talent Program

In terms of cultivating international talents, ASUS strategically implements its international talent training- Global Talent Program (GTP), and establishes a comprehensive and systematic training model to effectively pass down and replicate successful experiences and quickly prepare talents to expand to the global market.

International talents with potential undergo a variety of training sessions in three months, include training courses, reading clubs, internship, company mentors and evaluation, to elaborate on the synergy. The program trains employees to become international business talents who understand the overseas market and possess leadership skills. They are assigned to suitable positions to effectively improve the readiness of business teams and achieve the operational goals.

The Global Talent Program entered its seventh year in 2020, and has continued to adhere to its 70-20-10 ratio in learning guidelines; 10 is for the offline courses, 20 is for counseling and feedbacks and 70 is on-job training. In 2020, a total of 27 new international business marketing talents passed the evaluation. Since 2014, the GTP has trained 176 employees who served as overseas sales, marketing and customer service professionals. Among them, 66 overseas sales professionals are deployed to the Asia-Pacific, European and Latin American countries to engage in market development and operations, and they have become the professional managers in various regional markets. The heads of overseas branches highly recognize the GTP elite who are able to quickly connect with their assigned regional markets and take on challenges.

  • [Case] ASUS Global Talent Program
    The primary goal of the Global Talent Program (GTP) is to recruit talents from all walks of life and cultivate them into regional executives who can take charge in the global market. The sense of accomplishment of a native Taiwanese who travails the globe to open up new markets for enterprises is a daily routine for ASUS, a multinational enterprise proudly based in Taiwan.。

    As a sales, the core purpose of our work is to connect the enterprise and consumer sides. Wherever we go in the world, the most important task is to enable consumers to deeply understand the human-oriented design concept of ASUS products and to ensure the products meet their needs. Therefore, it is very important to quickly cope with the local culture and communicate the advantages of the products in a way that local consumers can understand.

    Cross-departmental or even cross-country teamwork is a common occurrence at ASUS. Communicating the purpose of the task in detail and gaining the approval of coworkers is the basic attitude of GTP elites in interacting with their teams. Such a close and pleasant cooperation atmosphere is not unique to overseas branches, but is a corporate culture that has been built up from top to bottom by ASUS.

    Overseas assignments are never easy, but they do lead to rapid personal growth. "Selling products to consumers in India is only part of the job," said Wang. "The real challenge is to actually understand the local market needs, develop a product strategy and seek support from the parent company." "So he highly encourages young people like him who are eager for the international stage to enroll in ASUS GTP, because the complete training and the robust experience gained on overseas postings can enhance one's vision and broaden the scope, which in turn can enrich and elevate one's career.

Human Resources Professional Training

In response to the globalization of organizational management, we cultivate global human resources professionalism to enhance the overall quality of human resources services. We have established a full range of online courses in HR to provide the necessary basic knowledge and operational management methods for new HR employees both in Taiwan and abroad.

In addition, we have launched a recruiting training course for HR staff in all branches around the world and we also provide 1-to-1 coaching time, through which senior staffs share with trainees the HR practices in different regions and strengthen the professional learning in recruiting to achieve the goal of selecting the right talents to join the team, improving the recruiting process and enhancing talent retention.

Digital Transformation of Learning and Development

Digital Lecturer Training

Since 2007, ASUS has held a digital lecturer training program, where they learn teaching principles and digital course production skills, produce digital teaching materials with key knowledge points and pass the digital lecturer certification through evaluation and feedback from domain experts, education and training specialists, and students. Up to now, ASUS has successfully trained 198 digital lecturers and developed more than 65 hours of professional courses covering R&D, product planning, business marketing, quality assurance, customer service and other fields, helping departments to implement knowledge sharing and transfers, establishing diversified learning methods, and continuously improving the work efficiency of our colleagues.

Digital Learning Application

  1. The ASUS Way and Employee Code of Conduct - Global
    To deepen employees' understanding of corporate culture and brand resonance worldwide, we provide The ASUS Way digital courses in multiple languages to convey ASUS culture and values. The ASUS Way is a multi-language digital course that conveys the ASUS culture and values. The ASUS Code of Ethical Conduct and the "ASUS Prevention and Control of Unfair Competition and Bribery Awareness Card" have been issued to employees and employees are reminded to comply with them through regular training.
  2. Overseas Employee Training - Sales & MKT
    ASUS has developed a series of 57 online courses on marketing knowledge, marketing and channel management, e-commerce, supply chain management, customer service, etc., totaling about 30 hours, which helps HQ and overseas subsidiaries master their work roles and tasks and demonstrate their excellent capabilities. At the same time, the courses help promote the efficiency and effectiveness of communication and collaboration between the sales and marketing teams to create the best performance as well as organizational synergies.

Digital Learning Resources

ASUS introduces diversified digital self-learning resources to encourage employees to learn and grow independently. The number of users reached 19,086, cumulatively.

Individual Development Plan and Appraisal

Individual Development Plan

ASUS implements the "Individual Development Plan" for all employees in developing the competences of our employees and providing training plans in accordance with the internal "Education & Training Approaches" documentation. Based on ASUS DNA, the competences required for employees in each level, and individual performance, a manager will discuss with every employee to devise a tailor-made development plan closer to personal needs, more systematic and more efficient, so as to maximize their potential.

Appraisal Management and Development

ASUS executes performance appraisals in accordance with "Appraisal Standards". Employees are required to participate in regular appraisal to implement annual performance target and development tasks.

Employee Performance Counseling Program

For those whose performance is not in line with expectations, ASUS provides them with opportunities for improvement. The supervisors provide one-on-one counseling to encourage employees to make improvement; when necessary, their work may be adjusted according to the situation. The Human Resources Office will also offer care and assistance in the process to help employees get back on the right track as soon as possible. For employees who fail to improve their performance, a placement plan will be implemented after sufficient communication.

Personnel Placement Assistance

To provide a positive channel of assistance for employees who wish to retire or resign, we conduct exit interviews centered around the assistance and resources required by the workers, such as career development consultation or job transfer to external entities. In addition, the company provides employees severance pays in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to protect employees' rights and interests.

Employee Communication

Create A Diverse, Equal and Open Communication Culture

ASUS attaches great importance to two-way communication with employees, provides multiple and open communication channels, and promotes a harmonious relationship between labor and management. ASUS values gender equality. The proportion of ASUS' global female employees is 38.5%, and the proportion of global female managers is 26.3%. This can mainly be attributed to the characteristics of the IT industry, in which most employees are males. However, there is no discrimination or unfair treatment due to gender. In order to implement ASUS Human Rights Policy, we provide related education and training to employees around the world. The training hours and proportions are as follows:

ASUS does not discriminate against people based on race, sex, age, political affiliation, religion, or disability status. We follow the local minimum age requirements, local regulations, RBA Code of Conduct, and other relevant provisions, as well as announcing our Declaration on Human Rights Policy in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Open Communication Culture

ASUS values the voice and rights of employees and provides multiple communication channels internally to ensure that their opinions can be delivered in the most efficient manner for different aspects.

  • [Case] CEO On-Live & CEO Afternoon Tea
    In 2020, the co-CEOs upholds truthfulness and transparency, and held CEO On-Live (Q1& Q3) & CEO Afternoon Tea (Q2& Q4) after the Shareholder meeting. They shared the company's quarterly operating performance and the significant goals with employees through online live broadcast and physical interaction accordingly.
    They welcomed questions from employees and would answer in real time, and the topics were diversified: from the company's business direction, strategy, COVID-19 anti-epidemic response, development direction of future products, cross-organizational resources, promotion, salary, benefits, encouragement and views to young generation, etc. Regardless the Space constraints, communicate with employees in person immediately and listen to their voices.