Remuneration and Benefits

Treasuring and caring employees, ASUS establishes a sound combination of compensation and the welfare, which is superior to the legislation and provides more benefits, subsidies and rewards.

Candidates with identical backgrounds will have identical starting salaries regardless of gender, religion, political view, and marital status. We review the remuneration against the industry level, ensuring that the pay is competitive and attractive to the talents. In order to retain key position personnel and high-performance talents with outstanding performance and development potential, we trains ASUS management staff and professional functional talents, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the company, and specially formulates key talent retention bonus plans.

Benefit Package that Exceeds the Law

We have a diversified and flexible benefit system. In addition to the labor insurance required by law, we also plan group comprehensive insurance, which includes life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, etc. and extend the coverage of group insurance to employees' families, so that employees and their dependents can receive better protection for their lives and safety.

Regarding the leave, we provide a variable number of days of welfare leave each year for employees to plan their own vacation schedule.

The starting wage of entry-level personnel is better than the statutory wage. In Taiwan, in 2020, the ratio of standard entry-level wage and remuneration by gender compared to local minimum wage was 1.04:1. Comparing the wage of women to men with same job level, for general employees it was about 1:0.79, while for management level it was 1:0.79. The retirement system of ASUS employees is governed by the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. According to the law, the retirement fund is allocated on a monthly basis, and the Company allocates a special account for the labor retirement reserve supervision committee for storage and expenditure.

Management and Labor Council

In line with ILO Convention No. 87 and No.98, ASUS allows employees to join an independence trade union and supports of the right to freedom of association. So far, there is no employee asking for establishing a trade union. Creating a trade union is not the mandatory requirements in Taiwan.

ASUS holds quarterly Management and Labor Council following the requirements set forth by the Taiwan Labor law. There were 10 ASUS labor representatives and 8 employer representatives joined the 2020 Management and Labor Council.