Remuneration and Benefits

Treasuring and caring employees, ASUS establishes a sound combination of compensation and the welfare, which is superior to the legislation and provides more benefits, subsidies and rewards.

The candidates with identical background will have identical starting salaries regardless of gender, religion, political view, and marital status. The relevant department will compare the remuneration with competitors within the industry and adjust it annually if necessary to optimize the competitiveness in benefits.

In Taiwan, in 2018, the ratio of standard entry-level wage and remuneration by gender compared to local minimum wage was 1.31:1. Comparing the wage of women to men with same job level, for general employees it was about 1:0.88, while for management level it was 1:0.87. The benefits ASUS provided was listed below.

Management and Labor Council

In line with ILO Convention No. 87 and No.98, ASUS allows employees to join an independence trade union and supports of the right to freedom of association. So far, there is no employee asking for establishing a trade union. Creating a trade union is not the mandatory requirements in Taiwan.
ASUS holds quarterly Management and Labor Council following the requirements set forth by the Taiwan Labor law. There were 8 ASUS labor representatives and 8 employer representatives joined the 2017 Management and Labor Council.