Happiness Workplace

Talent management is the most important factor that empowers the world's top companies to outperform their peers. Critical talents are an important strategic resource for enterprises, and they are enterprise value creators and an important cornerstone for companies' continuous operation and growth. Considering its employees as its most important assets, ASUS works with them to elaborate on collective wisdom and develop potential and professional interest of individual and team. We shape the corporate culture, cultivate key talents, acquire technologies and capabilities in key areas. We also create an open and innovative R&D culture and a creative environment to stimulate the vitality and imagination of our employees.

ASUS believes in a people-oriented corporate philosophy of “Inspire, Motivate and Nurture Employees”. We are committed to pursuit high-performance organization and outstanding talents, establish a comprehensive remuneration and benefit program, and cultivate and develop diverse talents as a human resource development strategy to create shared value for enterprises.

Actions in 2021

  • Expanding the operation and development of the employer brand
  • Promoting key talent development programs and succession plans
  • Deeply instilling in innovation culture and design thinking
  • Expanding diverse communication channels

Performances in 2021

  • Awarded the "Top 100 Desirable Enterprise of the New Generation" in 2021
  • Remunerations and benefits beyond the statutory requirements and ranked among the Top 100 high-wage enterprises in Taiwan
  • No. 1 among Taiwnanese brands with the highest total number of followers on LinkedIn platform for 5 consecutive years
  • Over 1,000 persons par ticipated in industry-academy cooperation, enterprise academy, and school career lectures and consultations


In keeping with the concept of the right place for the right person, ASUS provides training programs that meet the interests of the organization and individual, as well as a diverse and flexible welfare system, in line with the needs of individuals' work and development. We let the employees “work happily and enjoy life” to help them reach their full potential. Meanwhile, we also value the cultivation of technology talents in the new era. Through various on-campus recruiting programs and Industry-academia cooperation programs, we provide opportunities for students to practice what they have studied, learn and grow with the Company, and enhance their competitiveness for future careers.


Female share of total workforce (%): 38.7%
Females in management positions (as % of total management workforce): 26.0%

Training & Development Inputs

Average hours per FTE of training and development in 2021: 23.6%
Average amount spent per FTE on training and development: 2307.8