ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals

ASUS functions in ways that are compliant with relevant global regulations in relation to governance, environmental policies, and societal impacts. With our vision of becoming a leading corporation known for socially responsible practices, we continue to take active measures to promote strategic sustainability. Answering to consumer and stakeholder demands, and working with local government officials, we have incorporated meaningful sustainable practices into our operations plan, balancing our commitment to socially responsible practices and commercial competitiveness.

The ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals have been created to ensure that our products, supply chain, and operations are aligned with sustainable goals. As noted below, in our Sustainability Goals we took a qualitative approach and have provided narratives detailing specific actions in relation to 10 goals. We also used quantitative indicators to track our annual achievements.

Establishing "ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals" is our first step that we respond to SDGs. It is also the first time we have set the specific direction for sustainable development. We will continue to learn from the stakeholders from various fields and gradually establishing the overall framework of sustainability to integrate SDGs into ASUS' corporate transformation and business decisions, in hope of making contributions to the next generation and the environment.

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