ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals

In order to respond to the SDGs with practical achievements, we integrated the cross-functions resources and launched "ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals", trying to transform ourselves to sustainable operations and create corporate competitiveness, in hopes of creating a world with sustainable society and environment with the business power.

The "2020 Sustainability Goals" starts with the life cycle to establish the directions of our products, supply chain, and operations, in terms of sustainable management and our commitment to the society. The 10 goals not only take a qualitative approach and providing narratives of the speci¬fic actions that we are about to launch, but also track our annual achievements with quantitative indicators.

Establishing "ASUS 2020 Sustainability Goals" is our first step that we respond to SDGs. It is also the first time we have set the specific direction for sustainable development. We will continue to learn from the stakeholders from various fields and gradually establishing the overall framework of sustainability to integrate SDGs into ASUS' corporate transformation and business decisions, in hope of making contributions to the next generation and the environment.

Achievements in 2017

Please click the link below for policy, objective, and achievements in 2017: