Sustainability Transitions

ASUS firmly believes that prospective enterprises in sustainable development not only can create their own competitive advantage but also can contribute to the economy, environment and society as a whole in line with business growth. We also understand that corporate sustainability is not only confined to social charity and corporate image. It has to combine with core value and key business of the enterprises in order to transform sustainable corporate development into competitive advantage. As such, the focus of corporate social responsibility of ASUS undergoes different phases of transformation under the business strategy of ASUS.

ASUS'' sustainable development began with regulation compliance. Before the Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS) came into force, we had established the green technology department to monitor international environmental directives and regulations and ensure that all products were in conformance. ASUS is the pioneer in the industry in developing the first lead-free motherboard in the world, and this commitment showed the objective of "Rock Solid Quality", as well as "green" quality, in that stage.

Then, ASUS expects global environmental regulations to become increasingly stringent, thereby established the "eGreen System", a platform for managing hazardous substances. Through a strict review process, ASUS can ensure green quality of all parts and components used in the products. With this platform, ASUS can also communicate and cooperate with suppliers immediately and efficiently for the establishment of sustainable supply chain, transforming to another phase.

Under the corporate commitment of "Inspiring Innovation.Persistent Perfection", ASUS enters into a new phase of sustainability transformation. The green technology department has been transformed into the CSO and includes the function of corporate sustainability performance, supply chain social responsibility, employee caring and community involvement. It covers the economic, environmental, and social aspects of sustainable development. We establish internal requirements stricter than the regulations, support the concept of producer responsibility by providing voluntary recycling services in various countries, invest in research and development to design high-performance, high environmental protection green products, and create a sustainable business opportunities.

When ASUS began the phase with brand promise of "In Search of Incredible", sustainable strategy faces new challenges. Through cross-department cooperation in life cycle assessment project, we review all possible issues that the organization and products may face in areas of environment, society, and governance, and thus we are able to identify possible risks and opportunities to enhance market efficiency.

ASUS continues to combine the core of operation to implement sustainable strategy, building a management platform for business continuity performance, product design, sustainable supply chain, and stakeholder engagement. ASUS products and services will lead to innovation through the integration of low-carbon, sustainable innovative technology. We will track the key issues of sustainable KPI and work with the supply chain to establish a sustainable production cooperation model, creating a differentiated competitiveness.

Sustainable operation is ASUS’ vision and an inevitable part of the competitive advantage of the enterprise. ASUS has adopted a sustainable strategy, that is not only to comply with laws and regulations and to avoid risks, but also bring innovative opportunities and competitive advantages. ASUS will live up with its original intention through the integr