Business Ethics

Ethics and Code of Conduct for Employees

ASUS formulated the "Employee Code of Conduct" based on the Code of Conduct by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and "Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies." The Employee Code of Conduct includes but is not limited to corruption and bribery, insider trading, intellectual property rights, and the proper preservation and disclosure of information. We created the online Employee Code of Conduct course, which is mandatory for all employees and is required to be retrained every year.

Whistleblower System

ASUS has always engaged in all business activities with honesty and forbids corruption and any form of fraud. With a system of rewards and punishments, we make sure that employees do not accept any type of fraud regarding demands, contract, bribery, or any other improper benefits. Should anyone discover a potential violation of the Employee Code of Conduct of ASUS employees, a report can be made to us through our public mailbox, In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health, the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, and the Personal Data Protection Act, any personal information and other full-funded identification information of the whistleblower shall be kept confidential and shall not be provided to third parties not related to the investigation. In order to avoid unfair and unfavorable treatment, the whistleblower can also propose necessary precautions against possible damage in accordance with the law.

Whistleblowing Channels and Procedures

For detailed instructions for reporting, please visit "Internal Audit" under "Corporate Governance" on the Investor Relations website.

Regarding cases that violate the "Code of Ethical Conduct", they will be dealt with appropriately based on the severity. ASUS will severely punish illegal acts and transfer them to judicial authorities for investigation if necessary.

In 2021, there was 1 violation in ASUS Group and the violator was dismissed based on the severity of the violation in accordance with ASUS' internal regulations in the "Work Rule" and "Employee Code of Conduct". We also immediately requested relevant units to review improvement measures, including the establishment of "Software Outsourcing Management", defining work procedures for price comparison, negotiation, and acceptance of work content, and clearly defining guidelines on the collaboration model and review mechanisms for entering software outsourcing contracts.

Regarding business partners, ASUS requests that they sign the "Code of Conduct Compliance Declaration." We will take necessary legal actions in accordance with the provisions of the conduct against partners who violate the anti-bribery and anticorruption policy and thus cause damages to the business.

Regulation Compliance

Regulatory compliance is not only a practice ensuring integrity, but also the core of decreasing operational risks and sustainable developments. To ensure ASUS products and services meet the global regulations, we have a designated legal department that pays close attention to the development of regulations that might have a potential influence on ASUS and tracks, evaluates, and establishes the compliance mechanism of policies and regulations, assisting relevant departments to conform to and implement relevant regulations.

ASUS has formulated the "ASUS Internal Regulation Identify Management Measures," which identify and manage operational, environmental, and service-related regulations. We disclose public criminal or administrative law cases that involved fines of more than NT$1.5 million or seriously affected the operation of the company's major events in the CSR report to comply with the balance and transparency principles of the GRI Standards. There was no major violation in regulation compliance in 2021.