Social Activity

ASUS as a world citizen takes corporate social responsibility into account when focuses on the growth and development of the company. Combining ASUS core values into short and mid-term social welfare, we fulfill our business philosophy of "to provide valuable contributions to humanity"。
We have been focusing on social issues for years and establish ASUS Foundation to provide digital learning opportunities, to develope information technology to promote social positive, and to enhance the sustainability of cities and society.。

Share For a Greener World


  • ASUS Foundation
    Work on the goal of reducing the digital divide and build digital learning center to cultivate international talents
  • Digital Inclusion Project
    Improve the life quality of disadvantaged groups through digital learning, while promoting and preserving traditional culture
  • Social Return on Investment
    To quantify the effectiveness of social welfare and thus contribute the greatest value to the society in return
  • Social Application of Cloud Service
    Through the Information Technology to enhance the quality of life of the citizens, drive business investment behavior, and promote the development of sustainable economy
  • Contribution to the Society
    Sponsor literary and art events to support the local communities, expand our international horizons and fulfill our social responsibility by taking actions in various social activities