Conflict Minerals

Conflict minerals refer to the metals, namely tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and cobalt, harvested illegally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nearby Central African nations. These minerals are often the primary source of military funds of local armed rebels.

Tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and cobalt are necessary in electronic products. Valuing the social responsibilities regarding Human Rights and environmental protection, ASUS establishes conflict-free minerals procurement policy that demands suppliers to prioritize the use of conflict-free minerals in order to avoid the use of conflict minerals and indirect associated problems such as mistreatment of laborers, threatening with force, mass usage of child labor and destroyed ecology.

Through the standardized due diligence investigation by RMI, we require our suppliers to reveal the status of procurement on conflict-free mineral every year. Through ASUS purchasing power, the rate of using conflict-free minerals by ASUS' supply chain had increased from 22% to 97%. ASUS reveals and updates the list of qualified smelters annually on the ASUS CSR website.

Further considering the effectiveness of conflict mineral management, ASUS established a target on responsible metal procurement: 100% of tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold and cobalt are procured from qualified smelters by 2020, and would gradually accomplish it.

ASUS Supply Chain Smelter List


ASUS corporates with the conflict-free smelter program to conduct investigation of mineral source of our supply chain. All smelters in this list are from smelters used in our supply chain.
Please visit conflict-free sourcing initiative for the latest smelter list. Please visit conflict-free sourcing initiative for the latest smelter list.

With regard to tin, one of the conflict minerals, we not only forbid the use from conflict areas, but also pay attention to the non-sustainable harvest in Indonesia. Tin is one of the essential metals for electronic products; however, the poor mining management and the ignorance of international corporate results in the undesirable mining condition and create serious environmental damages. ASUS joined Tin Working Group (TWG), an organization of electronic product providers, tin mine companies, industry groups and social movement personnel, in the hope of addressing the impacts of unsustainable mining on local environment.

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