Smart Green Building Project

ASUS has been committed to reduce the environmental impacts of corporate operation. In 2016, we reworked the corporate headquarters aged nearly 20 years old in the direction of green building and smart building and received certificates.

To promote a sustainable life, the ASUS Computer Building has applied the following sustainability strategies on Location and Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, and Indoor Environmental Quality categories:


There are bicycle facilities to encourage people to ride bike for commuting, and there are bicycle racks and shower rooms, and it can meet the needs of people who ride for commuting.


The reflective coating materials and green garden are applied on the roof. It can effectively reduce the heat island effects.

The site restore large green field and provide the open space for people, which can provide a habitat for the native creatures and a relax place for people.

This project has a large rainwater detention pool underground, which can contain rainwater storm runoff to reduce the load of city water drainage system in Taipei.

The landscape and facade lighting design is follow the low light pollution criteria to provide the dark sky and reduce glare to people and creatures.


Choosing drought tolerance native plants in landscape design, and setting up the rainwater capture system. The rainwater capture system can supply the water demand of landscape irrigation. It can reach large reduction in potable water for irrigation.

Choosing the ultra low flow rate water fixtures helps to saving a lot of water. It include the water closet, urinal, public lavatory faucet, kitchen faucet, and showerhead. Rainwater are also supply for toilet flush water. It can reach large reduction in potable water for indoor water use.


We choose the high efficient lighting fixtures in all area. We also applied automatic lighting shutoff control strategies with occupancy and daylight sensors.

The HVAC system are variable system, and which can optimize the energy efficiency in different temperature conditions.

This project applied the ice water storage HVAC system. This system can produce ice water during night, the off peak time, and use these ice water to cooling the office space during daytime.


We specified the use of many building product with environmental certifications. The manufacturer disclose the life cycle assessment of these products and improve the impact to environment and people health. This project purchases these products to promote the sustainable market, and reduce the environment impact of building products.


We introduce the outdoor air to indoor for better indoor air quality, as well as the mat to remove the dust in several mainly entrances.

For people health, we install the CO2 sensor and others in different space type, which may produce the target contamination, to monitor the indoor air quality.

The new corporate headquarter building was officially opened in November 2019. Please see Green Buildingfor more details.