Value Chain Sustainability

Policy and Goal

The value chain is covered the entire services or products of ASUS provided, and the impact affect the upstream and downstream suppliers. ASUS profound understanding only with the value chain partners to work together in order to truly implement the business continuity, and create lasting value. ASUS Supplier Code of Conduct is in accordance with UN Global Compact, ILO core conventions, RBA code of conduct and implements parts of SA8000 and PAS7000 criteria, applicable to all suppliers, foundries, common good corporate social responsibility.

To implement the ASUS Value Chain Sustainability Management, we are committed to promoting and continuing to improve the use of conflicting minerals, safeguarding labor rights, improving production efficiency and reducing environmental pollution.

  1. The use of legitimate mining of metal, to avoid the poor working environment of human rights persecution, illegal slavery.
  2. Compliance with international and local labor regulations, refusal of child labor, forced labor, and inhuman treatment; and protection of labor benefits.
  3. Strengthen supply chain partnership, implement supply chain risk assessment, control, continuous improvement mechanism.
  4. Identify the product life cycle significant environmental impact, select low-pollution process operations.