Product Recycling Service


The project “Reversed Recycling Logistics for Green Marketing and Corporate Sustainability Development”, which is also titled “PC Recycling for a Brighter Future”, is our ITAS Program of Economic Affairs, Department of Industrial Technology of Taiwan (ITAS) from July 2008. The purpose of the project is to provide the recycling service for waste computers and then donate the refurbished computers to suburban elementary and junior high school students as well as disadvantaged minorities to narrow digital divide, achieving the environmental protection and caring the society and thus creating a reuse and recycling society.

Starting from 2009, ASUSTeK coordinated with Institution for Information Industry of The Executive Yuan of the Republic of China for the project “APEC Digital Opportunity Center” (ADOC 2.0) to donate computers and promote digital learning everywhere. You can visit the ASUS Foundation website (in Chinese) to submit your product recycling service request through online form, or call toll-free number 0800-556-869 to get assistant from the designated specialist.

Scope of the Project:

Region: Taiwan
Service Providing to:

  • B2C: consumers
  • B2B: enterprises, including private enterprise, government agencies, corporate bodies

Recycling Subject: the following end of life products of any brand

  • Personal Computer (including at least chassis, power supply, and motherboard)
  • LCD/CRT Monitor
  • Notebook
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Mobile Phone
  • Notebook Battery
  • Other related products, such as motherboards, media cards, Internet equipment, optical access equipment
  • Packaging materials coming along with recycled products from B2B private and public customers (including private enterprise, government agencies, corporate bodies)

Please check the ASUS Foundation website to get more information.