ASUS' LCD Monitor Receives Special Innovation Award of International Green Panel Evaluation 2010

ASUS' LCD Monitor MS228 receives "Special Innovation Award" of International Green Panel Evaluation 2010, which is instructed by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and held by Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan.  The evaluation includes four areas: raw material selection, innovation and creative design, energy efficiency and corporate environmental performance. The focus of the evaluation is to promote on developing quality technologies and products through innovations in order to strengthen the green image and international competitiveness of monitor industry of Taiwan.

ASUS' MS228 is in compliance with RoHS and other regulations restricting hazardous chemical substances, as well as ASUS' internal Technical Standard which controlled about 145 chemical substances. The mechanical parts are made by homogeneous plastic materials which increase the recyclability of the product. The use packaging is not only made by homogeneous materials but also decreasing the volume of the packaging by at least 18% compared to those used for same product with same size, thus increasing the number of products carried during single-trip and reducing the GHG emission.

MS228 uses LED panel which is mercury-free, and the performance in energy efficiency is 47% better than the requirements set forth in Energy Star V5.0, thus saving 18.4kWh of electricity per year.

ASUS is committed to the promotion and development of "Green" products, and the perfect combination of innovation and environmental friendly characteristic leads MS228 to be registered EPEAT GOLD, to comply with Energy Star V5.0, and to receive international awards such ash China iF and Ergo-Fit Technology.