ASUS U30 Series Notebooks Becomes the First among Top 10 IT Computer Manufacturer to Received Japan Eco Mark

On September 8, 2010, ASUS U30 Series Notebook is certified by Japan Environment Associate under category "Person Computers" and receives Japan Eco Mark, one of the eco labels with a long lasting history and with highest accountability in the world. There are several eco labels in Japan, and Eco Mark is the most well-known eco label among Japanese, reaching about 92% of recognition.

Eco Mark is known for its high standards, and the following requirements are used when assessing the product:

  • Environmental Criteria
    • 3R Design of PC
    • Chemical Substances in PC
    • Efforts in PC Manufacturing Plant
    • Life-Cycle Assessment
    • Energy-Saving PC Design
    • Noise
    • Providing Information on PCs
    • PC Instruction Manuals
    • PC Packaging Materials
  • Quality Criteria
    • Product Safety

Eco Mark specifically restricts the emissions rate for 7 volatile organic compounds (VOC) in a product and requires testing for the VOC. It requires the final assembly plant not to have violated any local environmental regulations and not to use any of the five specified types of CFCs, other CFCs, carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethane. In addition, it also looks for Life-Cycle Assessment of the product.

Meanwhile, U30Jc is registered at EPEAT Gold level and is awarded EU Flower certificate. It uses LED-backlight panel that aims to refuse the usage of mercury which will damage the environment health of the Earth. On the other hand, U30Jc saves more power consumption and performs 47% better than the requirements of ENERGY STAR Version 5.0.

ASUS packaging design uses environmentally sound materials, adheres to substance restrictions, and U30Jc uses 80% recycled paper as the raw material of carton.

The following ASUS Notebook receives Japan Eco Mark:

ASUS Notebook Computer (U30 Series)


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