ASUS Products Receive 7 More EU Flower and Czech Eco Label Certificates for Notebooks and EeeBOX Computers in 2009

ASUS is showing its commitment and persisting efforts in environmental conservation with new ASUS products receive EU Flower and Czech Eco Label certificates in 2009.  Besides Notebooks, ASUS has a new product category receiving the certificates - Desktop Computer.

The following ASUS Notebooks and Desktop Computers receive EU Flower award in 2009:
Notebook: U50 Series
Notebook: UX50 Series
Notebook: UL50 Series
Notebook: U80 Series
Notebook: UL80 Series
EeeBOX: B201, B202, B203, EB1002
EeeBOX: B204, B206, B208 ,EB1006

For all lists of EU Flower awards, please visit the EU Flower introduction page.

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