ASUS Sets New 2035 Climate Action Goal

Taiwan-based operations centers will achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, and global operations centers by 2035.

ASUS co-CEO Samson Hu recently attended a sustainability forum held by the Center for Corporate Sustainability to discuss sustainability, innovation and corporate competitiveness at ASUS. The brand has continued to evolve in innovation and accelerate transformation to the new era of PC 2.0, AI and 5G through internal growth, mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances. Building on this momentum, ASUS has begun a new operational stage that focuses on utilizing data and scientific management methodologies to optimize sustainability practices via core competencies as part of a long-term strategy. This differentiated approach integrates sustainability, innovative technology and new business models to transform ASUS into a "new growth platform".


Additionally, ASUS has integrated climate action into operations strategy, including by using renewable energy in operations centers, reducing the carbon emission intensity of key suppliers and improving the energy efficiency of products. Mr. Hu announced that Taiwan-based operations centers will achieve the milestone of using 100% renewable energy by 2030, and global operations centers will reach 100% by 2035.

“Sustainable development and social responsibility are some of the most important considerations for global enterprises,” said ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih in his closing remarks at the forum. “ASUS will continue to carry out mid- and long-term plans — such as implementing sustainable operations, green products, supply chain management, social participation and talent cultivation — in order to move towards our goal of becoming the world’s most admired innovative leading technology enterprise in the new digital era.”