ASUS Headquarters Receives Zero Waste Validation

ASUS is the first consumer IT headquarters worldwide to receive UL's Zero Waste validation


  • ASUS is recognized by UL for diverting over 80% of its waste.
  • UL presents Zero Waste award certificate to ASUS Chief of Sustainability Officer for achievement in waste diversion practices.

ASUS today announced its completion of UL Environment's landfill waste diversion validation procedure. This marks the first time, worldwide, that a consumer IT headquarters has achieved the validation. UL formally presented ASUS Chief Sustainability Officer, Sandy Wei, with the Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill (UL ECVP 2799) award certificate. This acknowledges a landfill waste diversion rate that is greater than or equal to 80%. Of the three designated categories, ASUS headquarters achieved "85% Landfill Diversion Rate with 10% Incineration with Energy Recovery".

"ASUS is committed to environmental protection and we are determined to innovate all aspects of our business practices to continue to reduce potential impacts on the environment," said Ms. Wei. "We are proud that our headquarters has received UL's Zero Waste validation and we look forward to further enhancing our GreenASUS initiatives."

"UL's ECVP 2799 is one of the toughest standards, because it requires that virtually all waste streams be managed, inspected and audited to achieve compliance." said Andy Tsai, Greater China Engineering Director, UL Consumer Technology Division. "In the marketplace, we've seen the assumption that achieving zero waste is very easy, but the reality is that it's not. Within the standard, UL set a minimum level of waste diversion of 80%. It takes a significant effort to get there. We congratulate ASUS on being the first consumer IT headquarters worldwide to validate their waste diversion efforts with UL."

UL Validation Evaluation Procedure

To determine how much waste is diverted, UL performs in-depth audits. First, UL conducted a document audit in order to identify the classification and flow of waste. UL then performed an on-site audit at both ASUS and the designated recycling facilities. The diversion rate was determined according to the UL 2799 Certification Process, which includes an initial visit and an audit-document submission process, followed by an on-site audit and the issuance of a product claim.

Looking Ahead with GreenASUS

ASUS is proud of its Zero Waste UL certification. Our goal is to continue to build on this achievement — to increase our waste diversion rate to 90% by 2020. To achieve this goal, ASUS has established new classification guidelines and processes to enhance waste recovery and recycling. Additionally, ASUS is participating in the PC Recycling for a Brighter Future program, recovering and refurbishing used computers and making them available for reuse within the community.

[About GreenASUS]

GreenASUS is fully committed to creating a sustainable future. We believe in adopting an eco-friendly approach in every aspect of business. Throughout all phases of design, production, and distribution, GreenASUS advocates for efficiency and responsible utilization of resources.

ASUS has a long history of leadership in Green technology. ASUS produced the world's first lead-free and halogen-free motherboard, as well as the first halogen-free Full HD monitor. We also became the first notebook manufacturer to receive EPD and EU Flower Eco certificates, and we were the first of the top-10 IT manufacturers to receive the Japan Eco Mark.