ASUS Becomes the First Computer Company to Receive Prestigious IECQ HSPM Certificate

ASUS became the first computer company in the world to be awarded for their commitment to IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management (IECQ HSPM) certification. The recognition award was presented in Busan, Korea.

"We are delightfully honored to be recognized for our commitment to the IECQ Hazardous Substance Process Management," said Frank Lin, Chief Quality Officer of ASUS. "As demand for IECQ HSPM Certification continues to grow, this recognition of our effort will further solidify our commitment to a greener environment to our future generation."

As a global leading computer maker, ASUS established its own Hazardous Substance Process Management to control all substances used during product production to avoid any potential harmful impact to the environment. The company complied with the requirements developed under the European RoHS directive as well as voluntarily controls other hazardous substances – currently a total of 171 chemical substances – and the permitted concentration was stricter than that of set forth in the regulations.

Furthermore, Frank Lin acknowledged the company has been an avid supporter of an eco-friendly environment and today''s recognition was a wonderful achievement of ASUS outstanding efforts and a promise to a greener future.

First established in March of 2005, IECQ HSPM Certification demonstrated a company''s commitment to meeting the intent of European Union RoHS and WEEE directives that covered restrictions on hazardous substances and disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. IECQ/ECCB granted its first registration to IECQ HSPM Certification to Sigma Tel Inc., of Austin, TX, on October 11, 2005.