Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

As a decent corporate citizen, it is our responsibility to practice and fulfill corporate governance, fair and ethical operations, environmental protection, and philanthropy. To make positive contributions to humankind has always been our path to pursue sustainable operations. Through the concerted effort of all employees, we continued to champion the Branding Taiwan Survey 2014, which again recognized Asus'' brand spirit: In Search of Incredible. Apart from demonstrating the power of our innovation and service, recognizing the rising importance of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility in recent years in branding, we drive supply chain and industry development by exerting our brand influence, so as to make a substantive contribution to society.

Promoting EICC Code of Conduct to the Supply Chain

In 2014, we voluntarily joined the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) to become an applicant member. To promote supply chain responsibility to the electronics industry, the EICC has established standards to specify the social responsibility and govern the conduct of the global electronics industry supply chain. Apart from committing to giving full support for the EICC Code of Conduct, we exemplify the code and even request that suppliers follow the code, hoping to supervise supply chain performance with higher standards and to fulfill our social responsibility together with suppliers.

Achieving Dignity for the Sustainable Learning of Indigenous Children

In 2008, we launched the "Recycling PCs for a Brighter Future" program. After recycling and re-assembling wasted PCs, we donated them to disadvantaged groups. Apart from donating hardware and software, we hope to promote e-learning and minimize education divide in real action. Over the past six years, we organized the "Asus Science Education for Indigenous Peoples Award: Indigenous Peoples Cloud Science Fair" in collaboration with National Tsing Hua University. At the fair, indigenous students combine knowledge about nature, environment, and ecology inherited in their culture with topic research in modern science and display them over the cloud to share their creativity with others, so as to raise the IT and science literacy of indigenous elementary and junior high school students. In 2014, the Asus Science Education for Indigenous Peoples Award was accepted as a "ranking item for exemption in K-12 Education by the Ministry of Education" to encourage the multiple intelligence development of students and help indigenous students win opportunities for exemption.

As students learn the essence of indigenous culture and tradition from tribal seniors and verify the wisdom and skills passed down from ancestors with scientific methods, in this venture, many higher level ASUS managers gave students their valuable experience. In addition, through this process of learning from teaching and vice versa, these managers have been inspired by their creativity. Giving back to society through real and continual action, from implementing environmental protection through shortening the education divide to ensuring cultural inheritance, we contribute ourselves to philanthropy as far as we can reach.

Apart from pursuing excellence and innovation, we spare no effort to fulfill corporate social responsibility and sustainable brand operations. By continuously devoting ourselves to environmental protection, culture and education, and public welfare, I hope that all ASUS employees can strive towards incredible brand performance through concerted efforts.

Jonney Shih