Product Recycling Service

Product Recycling Service

Why Recycle?

Old computers, notebook computers, and other electronic equipment contain hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment when disposed in a landfill with trash. By recycling, the metals, plastics, and components found in an old computer will be broken down and reused to make new products. And, the environment is protected from any uncontrolled release of harmful chemicals.

ASUS works with recycling vendors with the highest standards for protecting our environment, ensuring worker safety, and complying with global environmental laws. Our commitment to recycling our old equipment grows out of our work to protect the environment in many ways.  In 2015, the global recycling rate of end-of-life products reached approximately 11% of the weight sold.

To electronics recycling vendors: please contact ASUS for information regarding proper disassembly and handling of ASUS products.

Please select the region you are in for further information about product recycling and contacts.

For recycling service management, please visit the link for more information: Product Disposal