International Association Engagement

To fulfill corporate social responsibility and comply with the expectation of stakeholders, we have fully assessed and aggressively participated in various international organizations and programs to resolutely assume our corporate social responsibility and make substantive contributions to environmental issues.

Participation in the Tin Working Group of the Sustainable Trade Initiative

For the responsible mining tin of Indonesia, we became a member of the Sustainable Trade Initiative's Indonesian Tin Working Group in August 2014 and cooperated with ICT brands, hoping to make substantive contributions to this issue. The sustainable trade initiative, IDH is a non-profit organization contributing to fair trade. The main task of Tin working group is focused on sustainable mining in Indonesia. The members of tin working group are included many transnational companies, such as Apple, ASUS, BlackBerry, Dell, LG Electronics, Philips, Samsung, Sony, HP, Microsoft, and Tata Steel.

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The Responsible Business Alliance, RBA

As an Applicant Member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), ASUSTeK Computer Inc. fully supports the vision and goals of the RBA:

Vision: Through the application of high standards we can create better social, economic and environmental outcomes for all those involved in the Electronics and ICT supply chains. This includes increased efficiency and productivity for customers and suppliers, improved conditions for workers, economic development and a cleaner environment for local communities.

Mission: To deliver these benefits through a shared approach to implementing the RBA Code of Conduct. This approach will reduce duplication, focus efforts on positive social and environmental change, build supply chain capabilities in social responsibility and employ a process that solicits feedback from stakeholders.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. commits to progressively align its own operations with the provisions of the RBA code of conduct and to support and encourage its own first-tier suppliers to do the same.
Wherever possible, ASUSTeK Computer Inc. will seek to adopt the RBA approach and tools in practical ways in the spirit of the industry's common goals.

Responsible Minerals Initiative

Regarding the topic of conflict mineral, ASUS participated in Responsible Minerals Initiative. To complete due diligence with using conflict minerals reporting template, ASUS cooperates with suppliers to collect the information of smelters cascading through supply chain and declares the survey information.