Product Disposal

Product Disposal

Rapid replacement of electronic products results in massive quantities of electronic waste. If these wastes have not been properly handled, they will be the burden to the environment, cause pollution, and lead to unnecessary waste of resources. In addition to providing the recycling program to consumers, ASUS also regularly audits recycling vendors to ensure that all electronic waste has been properly handled. The management strategy for electronic products at the disposal stage is shown in figure below.

ASUS Supply Chain Management Strategy for Electronic Products at Disposal Stage

ASUS audits recycling partners based on US EPA Plug-in Guidelines and/or equivalent standards as WEEELABEX for EU countries, and may incorporate with relevant requirements from environmental regulation, including but not limited to:

  • Records keeping
  • Downstream vendor management
  • Incineration and land disposal
  • Compliance in transportation, processing, and management of WEEE
  • Compliance in export
  • Requirements for reuse or refurbishment of designated materials
  • Requirements for processing and recycling for designated materials

In 2016, annual audits were executed on ASUS product takeback service providers.
For USA partner, minor issue was found in downstream vendor management, and is still waiting for updates.
For Europe partner, major/minor issues were found in storage, depollution, reporting, and downstream vendor management, and were all corrected.

For ASUS product takeback service, please visit the link for more information: Product Recycling Service